Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let's go for it!

Okay, this might not be the wisest thing to do, but I'm gonna do it anyway. I'm signing up again for the second 29 faces challenge. I have been looking at the faces I created the first time around, and I must admit that I've done more in that month than I've done in the 2 months after that. I need to push myself a bit, and participating in a challenge is the best way for me, because once I sign up, I feel obliged to finish it. That's just me ;-)

I will try to work a bit more on canvas, so that I can use these faces to sell on markets. I do feel that practice makes all the difference. When I tried to paint a face last week I was really struggling and I honestly didn't remember how to go about it. Very frustrating. It took me ages to finish it.

If you're interested in this challenge: you can still sign up! You will have to create a face every day (well, there are 2 extra days in May, so that gives you some space) for the month of May. Yes, it starts today, so hurry or you'll be behind from the start ;-) It can be any face, any size, any medium, any technique. It doesn't even have to be human. How can you say no to that!?

I will have to hurry now, so that I can post my first face tonight... (is the stress beginning already !?)

Hope you'll join in. It's fun! (albeit a bit stressy) ;-)


  1. Way to go Denthe... I've signed up again too... and like you did more in February than the past two months... the canvases are a great idea... look forward to seeing your faces...

    Jenny x

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