Thursday, 30 November 2017

the last month of the year!

Wow, how this month has flown by! Winter has definitely started here, my least favorite season ... We had our first snowflakes today, yuk!

To celebrate the start of a new month I made another wallpaper, with "wintery" colours ;-)

You can download it here if you want to!

I had more time this week to paint. Next week is looking busy again so I had to take advantage of my free time. The negative space painting has the first layer finished, I'll need to go over it again at least one more time I think. It's only now that I realize there's not as much colour as usual on this canvas. This is where I am now:

I also signed up for a workshop, even though I can't really spare the time now. But it's a workshop by Fonda Clark Haight, and I happen to love her work, so I couldn't resist. It's called the Down Deep and very interesting! Here's the progress of a piece where we had to create a background and then search for figures, and use symbols that have meaning for us.

It started out like this:

my favorite colours, but it turned into a big mess ...

 saw two faces in there so I brought them out

 thought the big red blob in the middle looked a lot like a broken heart

 trying to quieten down the background

 hmmmm .... :-\

 decided to turn the hand into the symbol for healing, and added the Kanji sign for peace. At least: I hope I didn't distort it too much, so that it still stands for peace ...

 adding more colour because that was waaayy too grayish for me ... And some collage


It was fun working intuitively again. There are so many lessons I still want to make, hope I find some time this weekend.

I added more items to my Society6-shop, but still didn't get all of my mapfaces in there. I'm still working on it though, I'll get there!

That's it for now! Except for the weekly dose of funnies of course :-)

isn't this sweet .... ♥

and the ones to think about:

Linking as always to Paint Party Friday.

Thanks for your visit! Wishing you a lovely day, and a nice and relaxing weekend! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 24 November 2017

technical problems ....

I had a whole bunch of new items ready for my Society6-shop, which I haven't updated since over a year, and now I wanted to put them in my shop and the system just closed down on me. I only managed to upload 4 items thus far. I hope the problems will be over this evening, it's kinda annoying when that happens...

Anyway, this week I finally managed to paint! I spent almost a whole day just drawing and sketching and trying things out, because it's another negative space-painting, so I need to draw everything beforehand. It was so much fun. I really love drawing as well as painting.

Now it's just filling in the negative space, and then finish the images. It's easy to do in between other things, so I'm hoping to be able to finish this pretty soon :-) Here's what I have so far:

I also experimented a little bit with my alcohol markers. Not too thrilled with this, but hey, one needs to experiment to know what's possible and what not, right? Still loving my alcoholmarkers though :-)

And here are the 4 postcards that I managed to upload to my Society6-shop. I want to offer prints and stationary cards of my map faces and some journalpages, and I hope to be able to upload them all this weekend. There will be promotions on all the time from now till Christmas, so if you're interested keep an eye out for that. There's a promotion right now at 25% off plus free shipping!

And more to come ... hopefully!

That's it for this week. I'm later than usual for Paint Party Friday, but since it's still Friday I'll link to it anyway. Just one more thing to add now: my funnies :-)

And the other ones ....

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Craving some free time

The last two weeks have been so busy that I hardly had any time at all to do something art-wise. Which frustrates me a lot. Maybe that should be my new years' resolution: Take.The.Time.To.Paint. I really need to, because painting gives me energy and I so miss that feeling. Next week looks like it's going to be more calm, so I keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

I have not much to show, but I didn't want to stay away for another week. My art diary has long been neglected, but I did do a few more pages. At least, I tried, but it didn't turn out so well. I had been making a drawing on one double page, and then I felt like playing with some inks on the next two pages. Turns out some of that ink just went straight through my page to the drawings I already made. So it's all a bit messy, but hey, that's what my life looks like at the moment anyway, so maybe it's fitting ;-)

Here's my ink play:

I was getting a bit bored with the collage so I decided to just make marks and "find" things in them. Here's what I found:

No writing on there yet, but it's a start, right!?

And this is the spread with the two figures that got a bit of the ink on them:

Oh well.... It bothered me in the beginning but I'm used to it now, and there will be some writing around it so it won't be so obvious anymore.

I have one more ink-drawing too that I didn't show yet:

I'm planning on getting some more stuff in my Society6-shop. I have gravely ignored it this year....

That's it for now. I really hope next week I can show you the start of a new painting...

I'm looking forward to paying my friends at Paint Party Friday a visit this weekend! Thanks for being here, and thanks to all who have already purchased one of my calendars! I can't see who purchases it, so I can't thank you personally unless you tell me, but know that I really appreciate all of your lovely comments!

I'll finish with some funnies :-)

my heart melts when I see this .... look how content it looks :-)  - sooo cute ♥

And of course also some to think about ...

 something I REALLY need to remind myself of ...

Bye for now. Take care and enjoy your day ♥ ♥ ♥