Friday, 26 June 2015

Summer of Color week 3

Every year for the Summer of Color challenge I choose a theme in which I want to do all my paintings. The first year I chose intuitive paintings, the second year I chose coloured doodles, and last year I chose negative space painting. This year I wanted to do intuitive painting again, but alas, for this week I couldn't.... Why not?

Well, you see, the colors this week are: two shades of purple and one shade of yellow. Purple and yellow are complementary colours, meaning they're opposite eachother on the color wheel. And complementary colors, when mixed together, create mud. Hmmm, not a "colour" that makes me happy...

Since the backgrounds for my intuitive paintings are the three shades mixed and mingled and dripped together, I couldn't do that for these colours. So I decided to do a coloured doodle. Here it is:

I had an old wooden painting with a kids' scene on there, that was in my children's bedroom when they were little. Since they are teenagers now, they don't want that kids' stuff anymore, so I sanded it, put some gesso on there and then painted my doodle in two shades of purple and one shade of yellow.

I must admit I find it a bit hard this year to work with only three shades. Before I usually used more shades of the colour prescribed, and I like that more. I am getting curious about the colours next week though. Hope they're not complementary colours again ... (hint!)

I also worked at my sidetables, and they are almost finished. Still some more work to do on the sides, and then they need to get some layers of varnish. But most of the work is done!

Here they are all three together:

This is the smallest one:

The middle one:

And the largest:

I love running my fingers over them, the texture feels so lovely. Here you can see a bit how the dots are raised:

LOVE doing this. I already sanded the new ones, tomorrow hopefully when I find the time I will do the base colour, and then it's playtime again :-)

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Here's my funny for this week:

hahaha! Sorry if I offend anyone with this, but jeesh, aren't these hairless cats ugly? Who ever got the crazy idea that a cat without hair would look nice? It would scare the hell out of me if it crossed my way in the hallway at night ....

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Summer of Color week 2

This week's colors are pink-pink-orange, which means 2 shades of pink and one shade of orange. And although these are some of my favorite colours, especially the orange, I didn't really enjoy using them in this piece. Mostly because they are too much alike, and I always love the contrast of these bright colors with blues and greens. And I couldn't use those .... That's the challenge of course, but still... Not so happy with this week's piece as a result. This is the background I started from:

It was the result of putting some layers of 2 pinks and one orange (sorry, no idea which colours I used ☺) on a canvas, and then putting plastic wrap on top. After it dried I took it back off and it left these lines in there, which I really like. Such an easy way to mix some colours :-)

I saw two birds and that was it. And then I saw an eye. And the painting was born ...

In the end I had to use more shades of pink to get some contrast and make some shadows, but I think it's still okay for the challenge. Seems like I got a bird theme going again this year ;-)

The rest of the week I have mostly been working on my side-tables. Oh, it's addicting, it really is. I had forgotten how much fun it is to make dots, how a piece can transform before your eyes with each new line of dots. They are nearing completion, but I'll show them completely when they're all finished. Here's the biggest one :-)

I already went back to the recycling-store and bought three more tables. It's just so much fun to do in between other things.

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I hope I can find the time this weekend to look at all the art on all these sites, it's so interesting to see what everyone has been doing.

I'll end with my funny of the week:

hahaha! Love that dry British humour :-)

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Summer of Color week 1

Yes, the Summer of Color has started! I decided to do some small intuitive paintings for this series, because I still don't see very much in the background of my new canvas, and I know it's just a practice thing. The colours for this week are blue-blue-green, meaning I can choose whichever 2 blues I want mixed with one green. I decided to use these colours:

I can't say which shades these are, because I mixed them myself, and I always keep mixing until I like the colour. Which of course makes it difficult to reproduce exactly the same tints.

And this is the background I ended up with, after dripping and spraying and splashing paint on :-)

I had a hard time finding something, but when I put the canvas in this direction I could see the beak of a bird and its tail (or how do you call that...). As well as an eye and a strange-shaped face.....

So this is what came out of it:

I can clearly see a bird hugging the girls' head, but I have no idea whether other people see it that way. Maybe some people see her as a strange kind of Santa Claus with a weird beard ;-)

I'm still wondering whether I should put a quote on there, but for now I leave it as it is.

I have also been putting some more layers of paint on my side-tables:

It's going to be another sunny day today, so I will start the fun part this afternoon. There'll be lots more different colours on here before I'm finished.

I'm also still doodling, and have several ones in progress. Here's one:

And last but not least: remember the painting I finished 2 weeks ago? This one?

It's sold and on its way to Puerto Rico! It's the first time I've sold a painting before it was even finished. Someone saw it on Facebook when I had just started painting the figures and contacted me. Luckely I had some time to figure out how to do the shipping, because I've never shipped a big painting like that. Most of my bigger works I sell during shows or in the gallery. So I'm quite nervous now and hope it arrives well and in time! Thanks Patricia ♥

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And my funny for this week:

hahahaha, I can relate to her ;-D

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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Yes, I am doodling again! It's a long time ago, all of a sudden I had had enough of doodling. But as it goes with these things, the urge to doodle came back, and I had lots of fun with this one. It's a perfect thing to do when you have to wait somewhere, all you need is a marker and a journal.

Í am going to make a coloring book out of these doodles. Still figuring out whether to bring it to a local printer or self-publish it on Lulu, where I do my calendars. But I'll first make some more :-)

I tried working on my intuitive painting today, but alas, I couldn't find any figures in there. Nothing was jumping out to me, at least nothing that spoke to me, so in the end I got out my paints and just splashed some more layers on there. A painting can never have too many layers I think. Maybe I will start to see some figures now .... If there's one thing I learned, it's that you can't force these things.

It was such a beautiful day today, the first really warm (hot) day, so I decided to do something I really don't like but that I needed to do outside: start sanding my little side-tables. I bought three small ones at the local recycling shop, and I plan on painting them in bright colours and dots and then try to sell them at the art-markets in summer that I signed up for.

I am looking forward to playing with them, very happy that the sanding and priming is out of the way ;-)

I am linking this as always to Paint Party Friday, and I am linking this face to Art it Friday - Show your Face :

And next week there should be something here for Summer of Color :-)

That's it for now, it's bedtime! Thanks so much for being here, and for leaving your wonderful comments. It's highly appreciated !

And not to forget: my funny for this week :-)
  haha, so true :-)

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