Thursday, 24 August 2017

a short hello

I wasn't planning on writing anything on my blog today, but I've been missing in action for a bit longer than I'd planned so I'm here to just say a quick hello and tell you what's up :-)

I have been back from vacation since 2 weeks, but I haven't found a single moment to spend on my blog. I'm starting a new job in September and have a lot of preparation work to do for that. And, despite a promise to myself that I wouldn't do markets anymore, I am doing a market on the 3rd of September, and I can't back out of it anymore. I must admit I'm a bit pissed off with myself for that ...  And to top it all off I'm part of a group exhibition in a local gallery during the month of September. Also something that I planned before I had any idea I would be starting a new job ..... Aaaarrgghh.... Everything is happening at once and I'm freaking out!

Here's an ink drawing I did when I was still relaxed and on vacation .... She does look a bit worried I must say. Might've been thinking of all the work that was waiting ;-)

I did more and also have a lot of diary-spreads from the past weeks, but I'll show those after things have quieted down. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Hope all is well with you! I won't be able to visit any blogs the coming weeks, but I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to in the last weeks once things have slowed down here.

Take care and thanks for visiting ♥ ♥ ♥