Friday, 28 August 2015

summer's almost over ....

It has been raining all day today and there's a chill in the air that promises fall is almost here. Yuk! I certainly do hope that summer will come back for a few more days (or more ☺) so that I stay dry at my last market this Saturday. I haven't been painting much this week, just finishing up some stuff and mostly doing administration. I decided to bring new life to my old website, because it's in Dutch as well as English, and I have always been pretty happy with it before I moved to Australia and had to do everything in dollars. I'll still use my own website as well.

Today I managed to work a bit on my big painting. Frustrated that I didn't  have more time, but ... that's life I guess....

Here are some more products that I'll take with me to the market:

I found 3 old wooden bowls at a flea-market and decided to dotpaint them. I really like how they turned out, but never imagined it would be so hard to make a good picture of ;-)

Here they are all 3 together:

This is a new doodlebox that I painted and took with me to the market last week. It's sold, as well as the little round side-table I showed you last week: 

This is something new I wanted to try out. In my local artshop I found these papier-machee figures, and decided to paint them and put a quote on them:

Not sure whether I'll do them again though. I like to try out new things, but sometimes I just do it once and then decide I don't really want to bother anymore....

A few more of my small dotpaintings (yes, I discovered how much I like to dot all over again ;-) )

And some more rocks:

 This one's a hard one to translate. I think it's something like "everything that's worth something is defenseless". Or something like that ......

And this one means: "everything that has a beginning also has an ending. Be at peace with this and everything will be all right". Or something like that .... ;-)
And then I finally did something I had been wanting to do since a long time: I made some designs from my backgrounds and used them in my Society6-shop for all-over-tees. Here's one example:

I love using these backgrounds. Usually they are just a detail from one of the layers of my paintings, I don't even remember which painting this was.

That's it for this week. One more market, a few more days, and then school wil start again. And with school comes the 29 faces challenge. Are you in? I will be participating, not sure yet whether I'll be posting every day though. It's one of my favorite challenges, twice a year (February and September) and I always end up with a lot of material to use in further projects. You can find more information here. Hope to see you there!

Linking this as always to Paint Party Friday and to Show your Face. Go have a look over there, you won't regret it! Thanks so much for visiting. I wish you a happy day and a glorious weekend ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh yes, my funny for this week! I found it on Katie Jeanne's blog and thought it was really funny :-) (and so true ....)

lol :-D

See you next week!

Friday, 21 August 2015

busy with the markets ....

I've been preparing for the markets this weekend and next weekend, and it all took a lot more time than I realized .... But I had fun in the process, so that makes it worthwhile :-)

I'll show you just a few of the things I've been doing this week (amongst many others ....)

Decided to make some small dotpaintings. Here are 2 examples:

They are both painted on very small canvases of 10x10cm (4x4 inches). Love making these small paintings. And I already have some ideas about making them into a pattern too ....

Here are some more painted rocks, with Dutch quote on the back:

 quote says something like: "Logic will bring you from A to B, imagination brings you everywhere"
"Never regret anything that made you smile"

What else did I do? Oh yes, I dotted another sidetable:

This one was really fun to do. Love these round ones..

And since it was my birthday yesterday, I allowed myself to stop doing things for the markets and painted a (little) bit on my big intuitive painting:

I now know exactly which way I want to go with it. Can't wait for the markets to be over so I can spend more time with this painting :-)

I showed you an artjournalpage last week that I made in my new handmade artjournal, and I promised to share some pictures. Here they are:

This is what I started out with: when I purchased a gelliplate some years ago I spent an afternoon trying out different things on different kinds of paper. I also had some new Dylusion inks, so not everything is done on the gelliplate. I ended up with a whole pile of painted papers, some beautiful and some not so. What to do with them? I decided to fold them in half and make an artjournal out of it. And then left them for I don't know how long. In the meantime I used some of these papers to draw or paint on. And before we went on holidays a few weeks ago I decided it was time to finally do something with it. I found this tutorial on the internet and followed it more or less.

 gelliprint with a piece of thread. You can get really fascinating patterns with that.

 you might remember this one: it was a face for the 29 faces challenge last year. I now used the paper she was on (it was folded double) to put in one of the signatures

I'm very happy with it, but must say I'm a bit intimidated by the pages I really like. Don't want to "ruin" them by putting something on top. Which is silly really, that's what they're there for, so I'll just have to get over it ;-)

That's it for now! I will be linking this to Paint Party Friday, and to Show your Face. Show your face this month is about making a face that is inspired by another artist that participates. I'd love to do that but haven't found the time yet. Hopefully next week.

And here's my funny for this week:

hahahaha! Mind you, I have no idea how these machines work either, but I'm pretty sure this is not how it's supposed to be :-D

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope you'll have a beautiful day  and a weekend full of warmth and smiles. See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Friday, 14 August 2015

I'm back :-)

I'm back from holidaying with the family and busy preparing for some markets. I almost completely disconnected from the internet during the time we were in the south of France, and I must admit it's something I could get used to... Although I'm also looking forward to seeing what everyone's been up to during my absence :-)

I made myself a new artjournal from gelliprints and tryouts. I need to make some more pictures and then I'll show it to you next week. This is one page in that journal, that I did during our holidays. Somehow I thought the artjournal would be almost full by the time we returned, but alas, that proved to be pretty unrealistic. I mostly relaxed and read heaps of books :-)

I experimented a bit with making patterns though, and had a lot of fun in the process. I want to use these patterns for duvet covers and all over tees in my Society6-shop. Here are some examples:

This is a drawing that I made for the Inktober challenge last year, and I turned it into a pattern. Love experimenting with this!

And this is a detail of a journalpage that is turned into a pattern. I have so many ideas that I want to try out now. Wish the days had more hours ....

But for now these things will have to wait, since I'm very busy preparing for 2 markets that I'll do at the end of August. I did one last week already, and these are some rocks that I painted and took with me (and sold ):

They both have a quote on the back, as all of my rocks do, but it's in Dutch so I'm only showing you the front. I need to start using more Dutch quotes now, since that's the language they speak here. I will still use English too though.

I don't have much more to show for now. Lots and lots of things in progress. I will be linking this to Paint Party Friday and to Show your Face. Hope you'll visit there, lots of things to see!

And I'll end with my funny of the week ;-)

lol :-D

Thanks for visiting! Have a lovely day and a fun weekend. See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥