Thursday, 19 November 2015

New doodle and work in progress

The days fly by and it seems I just never have enough time. Very frustrating...

But ....

I made my first colouring book! Something I've been wanting to do since a long time but never got around to. I want to sell it at my Christmas markets, so I decided to take my doodles, use Photoshop to take out the English quotes that were on there, and replaced them with Dutch quotes. And tadaa: 20 brandnew/recycled colouring pages/doodles! It's now at the printer, so I can't show it yet.

But I have a new doodle to show you, one I started ages ago and only now managed to finish. Well, actually, it was finished, it just needed a quote ;-)

And I found this quote very fitting for all that's happening in Europe these days. The endless stream of refugees, people seeking a safe haven after all the horrors they've been through, the problems our governments are facing to handle all the extra demands, the fear and anxiety among the people, not knowing what this influx of people will mean for the future, and to top it all off the murdurous idiots that want to get the whole world involved in their dirty war and think it's okay to kill anyone that doesn't belong to their hateful club. It's easy to start hating and blaming, but it makes me sick to my stomach reading some of the comments on social media and hearing people talking on the streets. Where will it end? How do you deal with maniacs who want to divide the world into opposing camps and are seemingly succeeding? I really fear for the future, but at the same time I still have hope that in the end the good in humans will survive. I have to keep that hope, if not for myself at least for my kids.

We're still working in our new house. I have just finished painting the top floor, in nice bright sunny colours :-) Can't wait to finish it and finally move in, but I'm afraid it's gonna be almost Christmas before we actually can.

I am also still working on some boxes, here's a view of my table:

Nothing else to show for now. I am working on some Christmascards, and have also finished a Dutch calendar that will be for sale at the Christmas-markets.

I want to say thank you to all of you that have already purchased my calendars! Since all sales are being handled and printed by Lulu, I only get notified when a calendar has sold, but I don't know who bought it. I only know it when that person tells me. So all of you who haven't heard from me because I don't know who you are: Thank You ♥

I want to end this week not with a funny, but with this picture:

Wouldn't the world be a better place if we humans could follow the example of these guys? Finding comfort with each other, seeking warmth with each other, loving each other despite their (big) differences ....

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Friday, 6 November 2015

Calendars 2016 and more ...

Well, this week certainly has flown by. The kids have autumn-vacation, and we have been in our new house painting and doing all sorts of other things the whole week. I managed to start a few new wooden boxes, but nothing is even close to finished.

But ..... I finished my second calendar!! I'm pleased with myself that I managed to do it even though I had so little time. I'm now thinking of making one in Dutch too, I can just use the same images but put a Dutch quote instead of an English one.

This is the front of the new calendar:
and it's for sale here!

Here are some of the pages that I didn't show yet:

And here's where I am with my big canvas :-)

Every time I walk past it I throw some more paint on there. In between I snap pictures, and once I was looking at the pictures and saw some images very clearly. But alas, I had thrown more layers on top of it before I looked at the pictures on my camera, so the images were gone .... Now I'll just have to wait until something else is revealed to me :-S

Also: Society6 has a big promotion going on at the moment: free worldwide shipping and 5$ off everything in my shop! Until November 8th! They have some new products, like travel mugs and throw blankets, so have a look, there might be something you like for a present ;-)
The promotion is only available through this link.

That's it for now. I better hurry, Friday is almost over, and I want to link this to Paint Party Friday. And of course also to Show your Face.

Thanks for your visit! It's hugely apreciated, as well as your lovely comments and encouraging remarks. I wish you all a relaxing and kind weekend!

Here's my funny for this week :-)

lol .... :-)

Hugs and see you next week ♥ ♥ ♥