Thursday, 7 May 2020

a strange spring

Hey, hope you're doing well and keeping healthy! I decided to do a quick blogpost just to connect for a bit and share some journalpages from the past weeks.

Spring has started well and truly these past few weeks and I love it. It lifts my mood, being able to sit outside in the sun and soak up the sunshine. Even though the world is still a strange and scary place. But it's improving and slowly things are going back to, not to normal, but to a little less weird. Hope all is well in your part of the world too!

Here are some journalpages from the last week. Lately I've been switching a lot between my journals, trying out different things and trying to find a way to journal every day.

This is another spread in my collage journal:

- lyrics from Sia -

I bought a pack of really thin paint markers in lots of different colours, and I wanted to use them a bit more extensively, so that's how the next journalpage was born ;-)

- lyrics from Sasha Sloan -

And then I read a beautiful poem by Victoria Erickson and had to make a journal page to go with it:

And finally I wanted to use my paint markers again, so the next journal page was born:

- lyrics from Beth Crowley - 

Now I feel like diving into collage again. My mood changes all the time lately, I can't keep to one thing. But it's okay I guess, as long as I'm creating.

To finish, I'll just share a bunch of funnies and thinkies, because, let's face it, everyone needs a laugh (and a think!) in these hard and crazy times :-) Here goes:

Thanks for visiting! Keep safe please ♥ ♥ ♥