Thursday 30 March 2017

Spring is here!

We had such a beautiful spring-day here today! Oh, it was heaven, sun and warmth, being outside, working in the garden, aaahh.... Sure wish it could be this way every day, I would never tire of it.

That was a nice surprise last week, when I was featured on Paint Party Friday :-) Thank you all for your lovely comments!

I have been rather busy this week, making a present for friends who are getting married this weekend, and working in the garden. But I managed to work some more on my painting. I changed the faces a little bit, made them a bit smaller. This is what I have now:

I love working on this painting, and using all those bright colours :-)

I also made another map-face, with quote of course:

And I finally made a new wallpaper for my computer. I still had the last one I made on there, from December 2016. With spring here I figured it was time for a new one!
Here it is:

When you click on this link you can download it for your computer :-) Can't promise I'll make one every month, but I'll try ...

And last but not least, look at the magnolia outside our front door!

It's fully in bloom now and smells so good I could stand next to it and sniff it all day :-)

That's it for now. I will be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Thanks for your visit and your thoughtful comments. It might take me a few days, but I always come around to your blogs too. I have a weird thing happening though lately. Before, whenever someone commented on my blog, I always got an email, so if I wanted to I could reply to the comment through email. But since a few weeks, only a small number of comments come through to my mailbox, the other ones appear on my blog without an email being sent to my mailbox. This is very annoying, since this way I sometimes miss comments, and also I can't answer to the comments via email. Does anyone recognize this? I looked at my blog-settings and they're still okay, so I don't know what's changed.

Anyway, I'll finish as usual, with some funnies :-)

And the ones to think about ...

Have a beautiful day, and a fantastic weekend! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday 23 March 2017

Progressing nicely

My roadmap-book is falling apart in some places. Guess it's not really up to the use of glue and paint and water..... Also when I scan the spreads that I've done on two pages, I need to push the spine down really hard in order to get a more or less good scan. Sooo, the result is that a few pages have come loose. I've been thinking about taking it apart altogether, but that's too big a step for now. I'll just paint the loose pages as well, or I use them as collage.

Here's one of the loose pages:

I have mostly been working on my new canvas. I decided to start much sooner with the bringing out of the figures. Some of my paintings have 30 layers or more on there, and I don't want that anymore. So I forced myself to find figures. Which wasn't easy at all. Then I started looking for really small details, like an eye, or a shoulder, or a neckline. And this way I managed to find 3 figures :-)
So happy I'm in the "painting-stage" already and not in the background-stage anymore.

Here's how it was looking when I started looking for figures:

Here are some details:

this one I found through the jawline

 this one through the curve of the neck

and this one through the shoulder and the breast

and of course a lot of imagination  ... ;-)

Linking to Paint Party Friday. I forgot to mention 2 weeks ago that it was their 6th anniversary! I'm so happy to have found this group somewhere in 2012. It's a very active art community and the participants are so encouraging and helpful. And everyone is welcome! So if you feel like joining, please do!

Thanks for your visit and your comments! Each and every one is appreciated :-)
Hope you enjoy the funnies :-)

And some to think about ...

Have a beautiful day and enjoy your weekend! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday 16 March 2017

Little progress

How time is flying again! It's just *whooooosshhh* and another week has gone by. I don't like that. I can't follow ....

Didn't do much art this week. I managed to put some more layers on my new canvas. This is where I am now:

I love the bright colours! I have some new fluorescent and neon paints and I love using them. I made a lot of close-ups in between. I have this idea in my head to use these close-ups for digital journalpages. I don't know how to do that though, but I'll keep them for when I find the time to play with them. Here are some of those close-ups from the background:

Looking forward to using them!

I did one spread in my roadmapbook. Quote from Mahatma Ghandi.

Still not tired of making these :-)

That's it for this week! Except for the funnies of course ;-)

And the ones to think about ....

Linking to Paint Party Friday again. Hop on over there to join in the fun!

Thanks for your visit. I wish you a wonderful day and a weekend without stress. See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥