Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spring is here!

We had such a beautiful spring-day here today! Oh, it was heaven, sun and warmth, being outside, working in the garden, aaahh.... Sure wish it could be this way every day, I would never tire of it.

That was a nice surprise last week, when I was featured on Paint Party Friday :-) Thank you all for your lovely comments!

I have been rather busy this week, making a present for friends who are getting married this weekend, and working in the garden. But I managed to work some more on my painting. I changed the faces a little bit, made them a bit smaller. This is what I have now:

I love working on this painting, and using all those bright colours :-)

I also made another map-face, with quote of course:

And I finally made a new wallpaper for my computer. I still had the last one I made on there, from December 2016. With spring here I figured it was time for a new one!
Here it is:

When you click on this link you can download it for your computer :-) Can't promise I'll make one every month, but I'll try ...

And last but not least, look at the magnolia outside our front door!

It's fully in bloom now and smells so good I could stand next to it and sniff it all day :-)

That's it for now. I will be linking this to Paint Party Friday tomorrow. Thanks for your visit and your thoughtful comments. It might take me a few days, but I always come around to your blogs too. I have a weird thing happening though lately. Before, whenever someone commented on my blog, I always got an email, so if I wanted to I could reply to the comment through email. But since a few weeks, only a small number of comments come through to my mailbox, the other ones appear on my blog without an email being sent to my mailbox. This is very annoying, since this way I sometimes miss comments, and also I can't answer to the comments via email. Does anyone recognize this? I looked at my blog-settings and they're still okay, so I don't know what's changed.

Anyway, I'll finish as usual, with some funnies :-)

And the ones to think about ...

Have a beautiful day, and a fantastic weekend! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. the cat funny with the peacock is great lol! :D

    no idea why blogger would be doing that, they have either changed things or its acting up again for no reason as the platform likes to do :/

  2. Great post. I love the art of course. The bright colors are amazing. Ohh April is my birthday month so this is a nice way to start it off with the download. Thank you so much. We got a bit of sun here today too. Oooppps forget that it is raining again. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love how the painting is coming along! And as always, thanks for the funnies! :D
    (as far as blogger forwarding the comments....I have no idea why but it happens to me too! I also wonder if my responses get back to the commenter...?)

  4. I'm still laughing... just give me a second 😂 Okay! No just one more minute 🙌
    Now... I feel so much better! Thank you Denthe!
    Your art is so stunningly beautiful... wonderful colors!!!
    You are so talented!!!
    Your Magnolias are gorgeous!

    Happy PPF 🎨

  5. I get very few emails regarding comments anymore, no idea why. That procrastinating quote is something I learned when my daughter was a baby! Great quote, love map girl too..they are all so cohesive in style and nature! Enjoy the wedding..look forward to what you created for it!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Super art and like you funnies too. Especially the first one and the cat!

  7. Have I told you how much I love and look forward to your funnies every week? Once again your art is great, love the quote. I've been having the same problem with Facebook messenger. I got your message but when I went there from the email that said you'd commented I found DOZENS of messages back through a few YEARS that I never knew were there. I was staggered. Everyone must have thought I was SO RUDE. Gonna go check my blogger blog now, gosh I sure hope it isn't gonna be doing that too. It'll be so hard to make sure one doesn't miss someones' comment! Happy PPF my friend. :o)

  8. Your colorful painting has turned out greatly and map-art is stunning. I like how you set the thoughtful text on it. Thanks for the April-calendar and funnies. The ice cream one is my fav:)
    Happy PPF xx

  9. Lovely progress on your painting! I like that dog true! lucky dog. clear mind.

  10. It's a dreary old day here. Your artwork has certainly brightened it up a notch or two. Love the colour in your work, and your face with quote is excellent. Google are making some changes to how we sign in, perhaps that has something to do with your problems of email and comments.

  11. Hello Denthe, first of all thanks so much for the download of April's Calendar page, it is lovely to have on my desktop!
    Your painting is going so well. I'm really enjoying seeing how it progresses... and the colours are gorgeous.
    Funny funnies too! Always great to take time and browse through them... Cheers and Happy PPF :D)

  12. Wonderful Art and funnies, lm still laughing. Happy PPF, hugs Valerie

  13. great quote and gorgeous art projects Denise! Thanks so much for sharing your calendar page. And the funnies-just plain FUN! Happy PPF and happy weekend too!

  14. Beautiful rich colors in your art today, Denise. Have a happy weekend.

  15. I love the richness of the colors in your latest painting and your map faces continue to amaze me.
    Wonderful post! Happy PPF

  16. Fantastic art - so inspiring and great funnies!

  17. I love work made with maps, we're all a map of our past and future. Thanks for the great paintings and funnies, too.

  18. Love seeing how the painting is coming along and the map girl is fantastic. Your funnies are always the best and I am that would be bad...I'm borrowing a couple :) I don't have a PPF post this week. Wasn't in the mood to work on art...was in a reading frame of mind all week. Your Magnolia tree is beautiful ♥♥♥♥ I really must get me one some day soon .

  19. I feel as though I have been through an experience as I took to heart your art, quotes and funnies. Your art is wonderful to see. Congrats on your beautiful spring day, we got one too! Wahoo!

  20. Heerlijk hé de lente,fijn de tuin in,de lente was hier maar kort vandaag regen en koud.Maar hier bij jou blijft het vrolijk met jou mooie kleurtjes.
    je vrienden worden straks echt verrast met Kunst van Denise.

    wens je een mooi weekend.
    groetjes liefs

  21. So happy to hear spring has arrived for you! Now send it my way! heehee
    Your painting is coming along beautifully, I mean, I'd take it where it is right now! In my book, every layer you make is a work of art!
    Love your map girl and quote, you always find the exact right ones!
    Geesh, now i know what you meant about my comments. I don't know why this is happening. Sometimes if you just trick your settings,by changing to a different one and saving,then changing back again,it might kick it in,or not ?

    Your funnies are always the best and the one with the dog is so true!
    hugs my friend xx

  22. Oh, my. Your funnies are right on. I'm getting so tired of Trump. Lovely artwork.

  23. Three exciting mini days ... hahaha. Love it.

  24. John Lennon - Yep! Love the art. . .the map is exquisite. Blessings, Janet


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