Friday, 26 August 2016

Summer's here!

The summer vacation is almost finished here in Belgium, and this week summer started full blast! Temperatures are soaring, everyone is sweating and even complaining about the heat. I still prefer it to the cold and damp weather we have been having for too long. But it sure makes me want to lazy around and eat lots of ice cream, instead of doing anything at all. So I didn't do much art in the last weeks, but since it's three weeks ago already I don't want to neglect my blog any longer :-)

We went to Portugal for 2 weeks, so I started drawing lyricsgirls again, since that's the easiest to take with me on vacation. Here's one that I finished:

Next week my favorite challenge, the 29 faces, will start again. You can find more information here! I will participate again, although I'm not sure yet whether I'll be posting every day.

I managed to work a little bit on my big canvas. still nowhere near finished, but getting there.

As I said, we went to Portugal on vacation. I'd never been there, but I love it! It's such a beautiful country, with very nice people and gorgeous beaches. While we were there, we went to Fiesa, the largest sand sculpture exhibition in the world. It has a new theme every year, and this year it was music. It was so beautiful walking around there, being surrounded by these gigantic sculptures made from sand. So I want to share some pictures with you:

This was my most favorite one: a depiction of Pink Floyd's "the wall". So many small details, I could keep looking at it!

Okay, I realize this is a bit more than a few pictures .... Can't help it, want to share .... ;-)

And just for the fun of it: here's one of the beautiful beaches in Portugal (Algarve)

Well, that's it for now. Can't wait to see what my friends in Paint Party Friday have been up to! Thanks for visiting and leaving your wonderful comments! I'll end this posts with a few funnies, because laughing is important ! The world could do with a lot more smiles :-)

Wishing you the most beautiful day, and a wonderful weekend on top of it! See you next week ♥ ♥ ♥