Thursday, 16 November 2017

Craving some free time

The last two weeks have been so busy that I hardly had any time at all to do something art-wise. Which frustrates me a lot. Maybe that should be my new years' resolution: Take.The.Time.To.Paint. I really need to, because painting gives me energy and I so miss that feeling. Next week looks like it's going to be more calm, so I keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

I have not much to show, but I didn't want to stay away for another week. My art diary has long been neglected, but I did do a few more pages. At least, I tried, but it didn't turn out so well. I had been making a drawing on one double page, and then I felt like playing with some inks on the next two pages. Turns out some of that ink just went straight through my page to the drawings I already made. So it's all a bit messy, but hey, that's what my life looks like at the moment anyway, so maybe it's fitting ;-)

Here's my ink play:

I was getting a bit bored with the collage so I decided to just make marks and "find" things in them. Here's what I found:

No writing on there yet, but it's a start, right!?

And this is the spread with the two figures that got a bit of the ink on them:

Oh well.... It bothered me in the beginning but I'm used to it now, and there will be some writing around it so it won't be so obvious anymore.

I have one more ink-drawing too that I didn't show yet:

I'm planning on getting some more stuff in my Society6-shop. I have gravely ignored it this year....

That's it for now. I really hope next week I can show you the start of a new painting...

I'm looking forward to paying my friends at Paint Party Friday a visit this weekend! Thanks for being here, and thanks to all who have already purchased one of my calendars! I can't see who purchases it, so I can't thank you personally unless you tell me, but know that I really appreciate all of your lovely comments!

I'll finish with some funnies :-)

my heart melts when I see this .... look how content it looks :-)  - sooo cute ♥

And of course also some to think about ...

 something I REALLY need to remind myself of ...

Bye for now. Take care and enjoy your day ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I always love your 'funnies'! Thank you for the laughs! :D

  2. Yes time is an issue. I love your pieces though. Take some time for yourself this weekend.

  3. wonderful art projects and time will be there again for you to paint!great funnies!
    Happy PPF

  4. Great art as always, even the sbits - things like that happen. Love the funnies, too. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. Beautiful art! Love the bold colors. :)

  6. Beautiful artwork, Denise. I hope next week will go as expected and you find more time for painting. Great picks! The tiger baby is so adorable and I'm glad I finally learned how to use the scales. ;).
    Have a great weekend!
    xo Julia

  7. I hear you-sometimes the art has to step aside a bit, but even just throwing some paint or collage on a blank page is something. Your projects are beautiful. And I am totally loving your map calendar and look forward to seeing it daily in my art room:) Happy PPF!

  8. I happen to love your art, your women are amazing, and you have a great feeling for color

  9. hello my sweet friend. I think your art looks awesome and that you fit anything in to your heavy schedule is great. I especially love the woman looking over the shoulder. Hugs. Have a great restful weekend!

  10. I hear you! Not enough time in the day, but sometimes that works out for the best. Especially considering how much you got accomplished in so little time. Really loving your art this week, especially the new ink drawing. She's speaking directly to me.

  11. such beautiful work and the funnies are a great mood lifter lol,,, I love that muddy dog!!!

  12. Sometimes you just gotta play with colors even if they run through to the other pages. Besides, I like the effect. The girls in stripes are really cool. And the drawing is so beautiful.

  13. I love it when you share your process. Your ability to "find' things is such a gift. Better too much to do than too little. Happy PPF

  14. Thanks for the art AND your funnies put a smile on my face!!!

  15. Gorgeous art, such beautiful radiant colors and powerful pieces, I especially love the figures in stripes, very magical and visually intriguing. Lovely to see you process I can totally relate.
    happy PPF
    Victoria #30

  16. Not having enough time to do art is frustrating!!! But, I love the pieces you have created!! You truly are an amazing artist! I love that "kitten"! So cute!! Big Hugs!

  17. You are such an amazing powerful artist who truly makes a difference!! Thank you for that! Yes always make time for art... above all else your soul needs to be fed!! Your work is always gorgeous! Such a pleasure to visit and leave with a giggle!!

    Peace Giggles

  18. Even though the ink bled through...still your spread is gorgeous!
    You never cease to amaze me Denise with how you find the best animals and figures in your paintings!! this is gonna be a beauty!
    and speaking of beauty, that lady is just wonderful- I so love your pen and ink drawings!

    I hope you get the much needed time to play art, because it makes you feel good and we get to see the beauty you add to this world,my friend!
    hugs & love,Jackie

    ps... i would love to sit and create together! maybe someday, it's on my bucket list! ")

  19. I enjoyed seeing how you found your figures in the ink. Wonderful.
    I like the ink that seeped through to the other side... would have not guessed it wasn't suppose to be there.

    thank you for the funnies.

  20. Als je het niet weet dan is het of het zo hoort,en als het klaar is met tekst.
    is het gewoon mooi!! 
    je inkt tekening met de dame ziet er mooi uit, ze mag er zijn.
    Dat rommelige hoort er even bij wegens tijd gebrek
    Denise wens je veel inspiratie,bij je nieuwe schilderij.
    en een kleurrijke week!

    lieve groet

  21. Love your art emerging out of the background!And then all your funny and thoughtful pics below! I really enjoy them, especcially the really reminder and what Leon said! ♥ Conny

  22. Just watching my cats can make me happy in my free time. pet shop

  23. Beautiful artwork Denthe. I'm always amazed at what you find in your colours :D)

  24. Lovely artworks, I'm glad you had some time to create, it's hard to fit everything into the week... What a cute and cuddle kitty cub.


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