Thursday, 17 May 2012

Day 17: Hmmm

Not very happy with my face today. Actually, everything I've been doing today took a long time and looked like shit. Excuse the language ... Very frustrating.

Anyway, since it's night I have to post something, so I'll just post her. I've tried to pimp her up a bit in Photoshop. Added a background that I did in my "Chaos & Calm"-workshop with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen (very good workshop BTW), and added a small but very true quote that I found on the net somewhere and made a brush of.

Here she is: watercolors and marker:

Since some people have been asking, I wanted to share with you a video that I found very helpful in learning to draw hair. It's from a guy who does amazing pencil drawings, usually from girls with very long and beautiful hair. I love looking at his work, and by watching his video I managed for the first time to draw more or less realistic hair. Once you know how to, it just takes practice, practice, practice... (like everything I guess ...) Here's the link. I hope you enjoy.

Well, it's late again. Can you believe I still didn't get to see all the participants!? I'm now at number 112 from a total of 129! I'll try to see some more today but I really should be going to bed. This challenge is turning out to be quite ... well ... challenging ...;-)


  1. I think she is lovely Denthe... and I love the shading in her hair... thank you for sharing the video... I will check it out... and yes... I'm up late again also... really do need to turn this computer

    Jenny x

  2. Shit? Where? She's gorgeous! (Not to contradict your experience.) Thanks for sharing that video. I plan to watch it, too. I could definitely use some help with hair!

  3. I think she's beautiful but I understand the feeling of not being able to get things how you want them to be. I think it is about striving to improve your current skills and not feeling like your moving at the right pace. Lucky for us, your blog visitors, you're so very talented as is. Any better and you'll blow us away. ;)

    Your girl reminds me of the gorgeous Robin Christopher, the actress.

    Thanks again for emailing me the link to the video.

  4. I had my shitty day a on Wednesday when my face painting ended up in the bin! Your girl looks fine to me she has a lovely face and you do have a way with the hair, thanks for sharing the video link I could do with some guidence in that direction. I love the quote you've added, very true!


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