Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 31: last face!

I finally had time to paint today! My last face is again a girl with a very weird hairdo. I love painting these girls. You never know what's coming out of the drips. I'm sure I'll be making lots more of these.

Sooo, the challenge is officially over now. I'm kinda sad about it. And at the same time, I can't wait to go on  with all different projects I have planned. This challenge has been very good for me. It forced me to create every day, I have been trying things I've never done before, I had to find quick-fix solutions to problems in order to be able to post my daily face, it got me out of the creative slump I was in, and, best of all: I had the chance to connect with so many different creative people. I discovered so many wonderful artists, I am full of ideas I want to try out, and it just makes me happy to be part of this big online community willing to help eachother, encourage eachother and share with eachother.

And so, like I said, I have big plans. I have decided to try and make a living out of this. Just writing it like that makes me feel like "oh no, I'll never be able to do this, what am I thinking .."
It's what I've been wanting to do since I took a break from work in 2008 to take care of the children. But something always got in the way. Most of all my own thinking: fear of making myself look ridiculous, fear of not being good enough, fear of finding no one who would be interested in what I was doing, and also: not knowing how or where to start. I sold some stuff on craft markets, and some through my website, but as soon as I entered a competition or got in contact with more "serious" artists (read: with an official art education), I faced rejection. Which just fueled my fear of making a fool of myself by trying to take it further.

But now I'm thinking: to hell with it! I believe there is a market for my stuff. I believe I can make a go of it. And I'm gonna try my hardest to get there! This challenge has taught me to tackle my fears, to just step on top of them and go where I want and need to go.

Being in Australia also helps. There is way more attention for art in this country. Every little town has its art gallery. There are so many craft markets and communities for artists.

Thanks to Sandra, I found out about BrisStyle, an association of Australian artists, crafters and designers from Brisbane and surroundings. They have monthly meetings and a whole bunch of craft markets to take part in. So I joined them.

Thanks to Geri, who is always incredibly generous with all the knowledge she has, I am starting to think about selling my stuff online. Via E-bay or Etsy or RedBubble or something else.

But first I signed up for a business workshop with Leonie Dawson, starting tomorrow. I am going to be a "Business Goddess"! Sounds impressing eh!? She has a free introductory course too. Go check it out!

Anyway: before I forget it: here is my face: done in acrylics, inks and watersoluble pencils on a 20x20cm canvas. I might write a quote on her but I'm not sure yet.

 This is what I started with. Actually, at this point I could only "see" the hair ...

Thanks so much to all of you who take the time to come here and leave comments. Also a big thank you to all my (almost 50!) followers! I feel blessed that so many people show their appreciation  for my work, and it encourages me to try and take it further. And last but not least: a big thank you to Ayala for hosting this challenge. For all the reasons I've mentioned above.

I hope the end of this challenge doesn't mean the end of you visiting here ;-) I have set myself the challenge to post at least three times a week.

I'll be back tomorrow with a compilation of all the faces I have done.

See you then! Hugs, denthe


  1. Oh Denthe... how wonderful for us to have a glimpse of your plans... your dream... I'm on a similar journey... your work is stunning... and just love today's gorgeous girl... and like you... I love the sharing that happens with this beautiful online community... I loved Geri's piece about eBay too... can't wait to see where you go from here... I just know you will SOAR... your business goddess course sounds like the perfect way to begin... so excited for you...

    Jenny x

  2. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Go for it! :) Your art is fantastic and I believe you can make it big. :)

  3. Oh!! This is really a great painting and drawing! :) I love it! And so smart to make the background like this, to become a part of the hair! :)
    Sure there is a market for you out there, you are good! :)

  4. Go! Go! Go! That's what I say. You sound so positive, I think it's fantastic that this challenge has had such an impact on your life and you have already taken the first steps in achieving your dreams. With such an attitude you WILL get there. You are super talented and everyone who visits you blog loves your work so what does that tell you? Definately sell online or where ever you can get exposure. Check out and They sell work for artists in Brisbane.
    I just want to wish you every success for the future, starting now!
    I will continue to follow your blog and look forward to seeing your new work.

  5. Denthe. Your work is beautiful and you are a "serious" artist! Follow your heart and live your dream. hugs, Jeanne

  6. I like all the faces you've drawn for the challenge, especially this last one where the face evolves out of abstract paints. Good work!

  7. I discovered your blog this month while hopping around looking at faces. Your work is gorgeous and I hope big things happen for you!!

  8. Good luck with your goal! I would love to make a living with my art as well. I haven't taken goddess leonies class but have debated it for awhile! I'll be interested to hearif it helps you!

  9. I wish you a fabulous time selling your wonderful art.

    Wishing you a lovely time with Leonie as well.

    this lady is wonderful to see.

  10. Congrats, you made it to the end of the challenge. It's going to be sad to be done with it. I really had a fun time drawing faces and especially seeing what everyone else has done. Found a lot of wonderful people such as yourself that I want to keep in touch with.

    Yay, I'm so happy for you. What you have planned sounds wonderful. I wish you all the best in everything you do. You can bet that I'll keep visiting, you're such an inspiration. Because of you, I'm getting better at drawing hair. I have a long way to go but at least I'm heading in the right direction Thanks to you.


  11. I'm so excited for you!!!! I've thought about trying to sell my art for awhile but I'm scared to death! I used to set up at craft fairs many years ago and made fairly decent money at it....but my health would prevent it these days. I've thought about the "Business Goddess Course too" I can't wait to heart what you have to say about it. Maybe I'll get more courageous this summer :0)

  12. I too am so excited for you! I really love your style, the background for this face is gorgeous, you have a wonderful eye for color and your faces have so much character. <3 Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  13. Love your art! I just signed up for the Goddess Circle too and found your blog via another Goddess. Blessings, Lisa

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