Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 24: Only kindness matters

Felt like doing a long-necked lady again. That's quite a while ago, in fact I think the last one I made was in the February challenge. So it's about time I did one again. I like to exaggerate features sometimes, long necks, long noses,... It makes a nice change from a "normal" face. I don't like to do the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, here she is, done in markers and pan pastels, with lyrics from Jewel:

Don't know what happened with one of the comments from yesterday. I got a comment from Jenny in my inbox, along with the comments from the other lovely ladies (thank you so much!), but Jenny's comment isn't visible in my blog. Weird ...  Sometimes things happen on this blog that I don't understand. I'm still struggling with some of the features, and the worst thing is: in the end I always find out how to do something, but only after trying a zillion things, and then I don't remember how I finally DID find the solution .... And I can start all over again. Bit silly really.

I think I'll put a notebook next to my computer and write everything that I do down from now on.

Although, why one of the comments is not visible is still a mystery to me. Anyone an idea?

Thanks for taking a look, it's greatly appreciated!


  1. Awesome Denthe... love her long neck and the little birdie... fabulous words too... and that is so weird with the comment from yesterday... when I posted it last night... it showed up on your blog... so somehow after that it has disappeared into cyber land... oh and I do the same things... and now if I ever my trusty little notebook... I will be in

    Jenny x

  2. Oops... I meant to say lose... lose my trusty little notebook... ha... must be getting late :))

  3. Oh I love this... it's so different. I've been doodling hair today in a similar style to yours. Won't be sharing it till nearer the end though cos I've got 8 faces on the go so I make sure I get the 29 finished in
    The new blogger drives me insane... don't know why they don't just leave well alone.
    Chris x

  4. This is so Art Noveau, all those curves and curls, her elegant neck enhanced by a beaded choker and the pastels give a very soft edge, and the little bird in contrast is so colourful and quirky. This is a delightful piece with a great quote... Love it Danthe

  5. I love the chokers … they dress up that long neck nicely and help to move the eye!

  6. This would make a lovely poster for my wall. :)

    Cute little birdie!

  7. I am totally in love with your face and the cutie on her shoulder! What a nice one!!


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