Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day 6: drippy girl

Had fun with watercolors today. Drew the girl in graphite, painted some details in watercolor and then just dripped some watercolor paint over the whole page. Which is not so easy I discovered. I always wonder how  artists manage to get these wonderful drips on their paintings. My paint won't drip, or only in big fat lumps. Which is not what I'm after. So then I start spraying the page with water, but then everything mixes and gets all blurry, which is not what I want either.

Anyway, on this girl I kinda liked the blurry effect. It makes it soft and dreamy looking, which is okay for me I guess.

I'm off to bed now, see you tomorrow!


  1. I love that look Denthe... the drips... the dreaminess... and her beautiful face... what a glorious combination...

    Jenny x

  2. such feeling in her
    Stay inspired!

  3. In my opinion she looks great!!!!

  4. I really like this piece, Denthe, actually I just love your work in general. :)

  5. This is gorgeous! It really draws me in.

  6. wonderful expression on her!

  7. Denthe, this is gorgeous. Wow.
    I am trying to do a bit of catch up.
    All your faces are wonderful but this one truly captured me.
    Thanks for dropping by a few days ago.


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