Sunday, 13 May 2012

Day 13: sunburnt girl

Well, I'll admit right away that I didn't plan on painting a sunburnt girl. But she turned out that way. Maybe if her hair hadn't been so black-white, she would've looked a bit more natural, but now I really think she's too pink.

Anyway, didn't have time to fix it anymore, so I did the second best thing: I gave her a purple background in Photoshop. That way her purplish-ness (I'm not even sure this is a word...) fades away a bit in the background.

Had fun with the hair again. I'm experimenting a lot with different hairstyles lately.

Here she is, done with markers, watercolor pencils and gesso:

No time anymore to look at other blogs now, but I managed to catch up with half of them. Hopefully tomorrow I'll finish the other half...

Thanks for stopping by. See you tomorrow!


  1. Great face, I love the hair, she looks like Medusa!

  2. I think that is the color she wanted to be. Love her hair!

  3. She is so pretty Denthe... and I love her hair...

    Jenny x

  4. Actually, I really like the different skin tones! Gives her depth.

  5. she is awsome and I am so in love with her hair!!!


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