Sunday, 20 May 2012

Day 20: sad girl

I can't believe it's the 20th of May already! Before we know it it'll be June! Time sure flies!

Although at times it's a bit stressy, I'm still enjoying this challenge. I learn so much from pushing myself to make or finish something every day. And there are so many talented people participating! I get heaps of ideas that I all want to try out. And I especially like those posts where you can see the works in progress. It's wonderful to see how some faces develop.

I am now at number 126 on the linklist. Still not finished, can you believe it! How can I ever finish if people keep signing up!? There are 132 participants right now. Although I've found a few blogs that seem to have quit the challenge, a lot of people are still hanging in there and try to produce a face every day. I think we all deserve a pat on the back for that!

Anyway, tonight I'll definitely try to make the end of the list. And then I can start at the beginning again ...

Here's my face for today. She looks a bit sad, hence the name I gave her. Done in colored pencil, Inktense, gesso and acrylics.

Off to visit the rest of the list now! See you tomorrow, and thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all your lovely comments!


  1. I love her Denthe... a little sad... but so full of expression... gorgeous beret... and yes it is wonderful... although a little challenging to visit everyone... to see so many sign up...

    Hope you had a beautiful Sunday...
    Jenny x

  2. Love your use of bold colours on this painting, she looks deep in thought even if she is a little sad.
    The challenge is a bit stressful but I find pushing myself like this has been a great learning curve for me and with the support of others in the challenge, keeps me motivated and give me more confidence. It's great to see so many contributions, and yes, I agree there is a lot of talent out there!


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