Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day 22: weird girl

Well, this one has been a bit of a struggle! It's a small canvas that I started a few weeks ago already. I'm not sure whether I like where it's gone, but I just didn't feel like painting over it again. I'll share the in-progress steps with you, so you'll have an idea where this came from ...

This is the end result. And I'm gonna leave it alone from now on!

It's done in acrylics, inks and acrylic markers

And this is how it started:

I like the background here. Looks great to use for hair ...

starting to paint the face in with acrylics. So far so good ...

Oops! I suddenly realize if I want to use the background for hair, she will be bald on top of her head ... Painted too much of her face, and can't recover the background. What to do!?

No problem, I'll just drip some more paint on her, and use some different colors to make it less boring ...

Uh-oh. What did I do? Where did my lovely background go? Got a bit carried away dripping and spraying. What now!??

At this point, I left the canvas where it was, and kept looking at it every now and then for more than a week. Hoping for a luminous idea ...

It just didn't come to me.

In the end I forced myself to finish it.
I'm not sure what that is on her head. Is it hair? Is it embellishment? Couldn't make anything out of it really. Hence the title: "weird girl".

I think it describes her well ....


  1. How wonderful to see your progressive steps Denthe... her eyes are just so luminous... funny how our art takes us in different directions isn't it... I do love the drips though... and the aqua especially is gorgeous on her... do you write in your quotes... they are lovely...

    Jenny x

  2. You have done a fantastic job on this painting. Sometimes the best things come from 'happy accidents'. It's great to see the WIP steps from start to finish and comments on what you were thinking as you did it.
    I like the pattern at the side, it reminds me of trees and adds to the composition and a really positive quote to finish her off. Just Fab, Denthe

  3. She has a gorgeous face and I love the pattern of lines you added to the hair. The background is very fiery.

    As for the paint on her head, it could be a scarf?

  4. the way a piece unfolds is so interesting
    i think that is the draw of computer art, it can be changed and perhaps recovered endlessly.

    still a wonderful piece even if you lost your background.

  5. This is absolutely magnificent!! =)

    I've watched all your faces, and I'm now so happy that you left a comment in my blog, so I could find you! :)


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