Monday, 21 May 2012

Day 21: windy days

For some people, their hair looks like this on windy days. Well, it would almost have to be a hurricane maybe, but anyway, just felt like drawing wild hair again... Maybe I'm getting addicted ;-)

done in pencil and markers

I have finally reached the end of the linklist, and now I'm starting at the beginning again! I guess this challenge will be over by the time I reach the end for the second time ...

Got to get going then!

Only 9 more faces! I think I'm gonna miss this challenge and all the lovely and talented people that are participating ... But who knows: maybe Ayala or someone else will come up with something new ...


  1. She is beautiful Denthe... and so love her wild hair... you do it so well... and I know... it will be over before we know it... and how much fun has it been :)))

    Jenny x

  2. Really beautiful hair, it is so detailed. Did it take long to do?

    1. It doesn't take that long Sandra. It's something you can do in between. Actually, I worked on it while I was helping my daughter with her homework ;-)
      You just start with one strand, and then another and then another, until you've filled everything up. It's really fun to do, a bit like zentangling, and, like Tammie Lee mentioned: very meditative.

  3. love her hair! that must have been a meditative practice.
    such a lovely lady.

  4. All of your faces are stunning and I love how you do hair... I struggle with it but I am persevering... one day I will do it well. lol

  5. Her hair is just fantastic...hmmm I must now do something about the hair on my dolls!


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