Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Day 8: doll face

Felt like trying a different kind of face today. I'm doing a workshop with Adriana Almanza. She is pretty famous for her beautiful doll faces with big eyes. I started the workshop because I want to learn about the different ways of shading with different materials. But then I thought I'd like to try her kind of doll face as well. So this is it. Went a bit wild with the hair though ;-)

I scanned the drawing and pasted it with Photoshop on a background of a dotpainting I made a few years ago. And added a quote of course.

It's late again, so I'll only be able to follow up some blogs today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better ...

Here she is:
graphite, coloured pencils, black markers


  1. She is gorgeous! I love her hair. :) And to answer your question on my blog, no, I have no idea what pencil it is. It doesn't say anything on it. :)

  2. I am just catching up with all your faces and wow how cool do they all look. I can see so many different ones. I am not sure which one is my favourite one now!

  3. She is adorable Denthe... a sweet little face... and I adore her hair... your course sounds like it is fabulous...

    Jenny x

  4. This is fantastic! LOVE her!

  5. Fabulous! I love her hair and she looks wonderful added to your background. Just beautiful!

  6. She is so great. And I really do love her hair … perhaps because she's beautiful, and her hair looks like mine does some mornings … when I may not be feeling all that beautiful. If *that* makes any sense!

  7. Love the doll face... wonderful work! :]
    Great composition.

  8. quite creative of you to put different pieces of your art together. it is fun and lovely~

  9. I love them all, but this is another of my favorites! :o)


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