Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Day 9: Wandering soul (or not!?)

This is another one of the small paintings on canvas (20x20cm) that I started last week and only now finished. I think I'll call it "wandering soul" but I'm not sure yet. I don't "feel" it yet, if you know what I mean. Sometimes when I have finished a painting and I'm looking for a title, I know it right away. But with this one I'm not sure. I'll have to sleep on it I guess...

It's bedtime again. I can't keep up with all the faces on all the different blogs! I guess I'll just have to limit myself to a few every day. At least until now I've been able to keep up with the challenge. Don't know how long that'll last though ;-)

Here's face number 9, all done in acrylics:

See you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Just gorgeous Denthe... oh my gosh... so much expression... she is adorable...

    Jenny x

  2. "Beyond my Galaxy" popped into my head when I saw her. Whatever you call her she is stunning! I have had to limit myself to just a few blogs a day too. Otherwise all of my free time is used visiting some really wonderful blogs.

  3. Wandering Soul is a perfect name - gorgeous face!

  4. Actually Carols is good too, choices of 2 beauties?

  5. Lovely Denthe!...I just love the softness of the blues and the way you have done her hair!...

  6. She is wonderful! Love her profile! Have a wonderful day off. :)

  7. Oh my... she is beautiful! :]
    Love the colors and the look upon her face, great work.

  8. I think she's my favorite so far, i agree it's just so hard to get to everyone's that i skip a few blogs then later am sorry i missed something great!


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