Friday, 18 May 2012

Day 18: have to hurry ...

because it's almost midnight in this part of the world. Time to put my face on the net!

Well, today wasn't much different from yesterday. Everything I tried turned out blah. I watched Pam's video and painted simultaneously with her. While her face came out great, mine looked like, ..., well, you know ...

The only thing I liked about it were the colors, so I tried another face in the same colors. Same result though. I'm not gonna post any of them here because it gives me the shivers just looking at it. Other projects that I'm working on aren't finished yet, thanks to everything running so smooth lately .... not!

So I resorted to my back-up method: a lyrics-girl. Doesn't take too much of my time, although I chose very long lyrics to go with it. That's why now it's almost midnight.

Here she is, done in markers and pan pastels, with lyrics from Rosie Thomas.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful Denthe... love the lyrics on this one... and the pan pastel around the edges... even if you weren't thrilled with your other faces... it is still great practice...

    Jenny x

  2. I really like this one even if you dont, and the lyrics are lovely. I think we all have 'off days' every now and then, i know i do!


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