Monday, 14 May 2012

Day 14: a world inside of me

I finally finished one of the small paintings on canvas that I started two weeks ago already. Once I leave a painting alone for too long, I find it very difficult to get back to. Not knowing where to go with it and afraid of messing up. But once I started again on her, I had lots of fun. And I'm very happy that she's finished now.

She's all done in acrylics and I used acrylic markers for some details. Here she is, face number 13:

Off to watch some blogs now before I go to bed ;-) See you tomorrow!


  1. She is another stunner Denthe... LOVE her hair... and the text on it... a beautiful canvas...

    Jenny x

  2. I love the patchwork style background. Lovely face and shading. I always think its quite hard to get a profile right without it looking a bit flat, but you've done a great job on her.

  3. She is stunning! I love the profile and the hair. :)

  4. Wow - she is so strong and full of purpose!
    Stay inspired!

  5. such an powerful piece of art!!! love the quote and her expression is so strong...wonderful!

  6. Denthe! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! this one! She's regal, gorgeous, FABulous!


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