Friday, 22 February 2013

Love is all around

Finally finished my painting! And it feels so good because now I know I can start another one! I'm not sure yet whether it'll be a "Flora"-one or an entirely different one. Maybe both ....

My head is swimming with ideas at the moment and I'm sure that's because of the 29 faces challenge. When I'm "forced" to create every day, I'm getting into a kind of flow that's sometimes very hard to find when I haven't been creating for a while. So I should take advantage of that. Sadly, a day still only has 12 hours ....

I had a hard time coming up with a title for this painting. I had something in my head about protection, but then it would (in my opinion) put the emphasis too much on the male in the picture, while he's just one of the many beings surrounding her.

But when I woke up this morning, the title was right there in my head. So simple, how come I didn't think of it before? I'm calling it "love is all around", because for me that's what this painting is about. If you look hard enough, you can find love everywhere. In the people surrounding you, in the animals, in the beauty of the nature. Of course, hate and doom is all around too if you look for it, but I choose to look for the positive ☺

I'll just take you through all the different steps this painting went through (there are a LOT!)

I forgot to take pictures from the very beginnning, so there are some layers on here already. Mainly started with cleaning my palette from leftover paint

just making random marks

stamps, stencils, marks and drips ...

very hard to draw on there with all the different marks .... This is a sketch I had in my sketchbook, so it's not something I "saw" in the painting.

starting with pulling out the figure

From here on you've seen most already in previous posts

too green for my liking...

 too pink for my liking ...

ah, better .... And there's the male ....

way too domineering ....

phew, glad I got rid of that shoulder ....

This is where I stopped last week
 Continuing with working out the fish, and starting on the bird (forgot to take pictures in between ...)

I first wanted to paint another bird in between the two heads, but then decided against it. I wanted something to unite the painting, so I started adding circles and bubbles.

And tadaa ... the finished painting:

This photo is taken outside, so the colours are more like they are in reality (most of the other ones were taken in my kitchen while I was painting).

It was a long journey and I'm glad it's done. Up to the next one!

Since I already used the 2 faces in this painting for the 29 faces challenge, I needed to make another one.

You might think these are two faces, but in reality it's only one. I painted it on a separate piece of paper and then cut it in half, glued it in my art journal and collaged the eyes and the body.

Here's face # 23! Only 6 more to go!

Didn't have time anymore so I added the text in Photoshop, but I will write it on there (might even choose another quote if I find a better one☺)

Well, this was a very long post, hope you made it to the end :-)

Thanks for visiting and for taking the time to comment. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts and ideas about what I make.

And if you haven't already, go have a look at what other people create in Paint Party Friday and the 29 faces challenge. I promise it's worth it!

Next week is the last week of February, which means I'm almost on my deadline to open my Etsy-shop .... Stay tuned ... ☺

See you tomorrow with face #24!


  1. Fantastic post!! Love the results of "Love is all around!!" So true what you said!! Then I love your extra face...about strength.. also another amazing quote...with beautiful artwork. I am always blown away by your work!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Really fantastic Denise, the painting "love is all around" is so great, is it on Canvas and what's the size? and love how you connected the 2 faces with the arm on your face 22

    1. Thanks Joyce! Yes, the painting is on canvas and it's 40x50cm (15,7" x 19,7")♥

  3. Great to see the steps you take and the way you resolve ideas as you go. Love your face for today.

  4. Oh I LOVE seeing how you progress with your artwork, I can totally follow your thought process. Beautiful final work as always! :)

  5. Wow! Just wow! This is so fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy PPF!

  6. Great post Denise, I love seeing your process pictures and the outcome is definately worth all the work you put in! Just beautiful :) HPPF

  7. I love seeing a painting evolve. Great series of photos. Happy PPF!

  8. Helemaal geweldig! Wat een mooi eindresultaat. Mooi die rondjes (ben ik ook dol op) over het hele schilderij en de vogel die om haar middel zit!! Je mag er weer terecht trots op zijn en je collage vind ik helemaal super!! Die is toch een partij mooi. Onvoorstelbaar goed gedaan!!

  9. wow wat een schitterend schilderij is het geworden, mooie details en erg leuk om de vorderingen te zien! gezellig weekend!

  10. Thanks for showing all the stages in this- I was really taken aback by what a difference the shoulder made in the painting- esp. when you removed it. Happy PPF!

  11. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I did not forge the blade myself, but I made the handle, riveted it, sanded it, waxed it etc. And the second knife is in progress. :)

  12. this painting is awesome in so many ways. love LoVe LOVE it!!!

  13. Wonderful art, so very creative and colorful, such a unique style!

  14. Cool new painting! There's always something surreal about having fish and birds in the same plane. LOVE the journal page. My poor journal hasn't seen much action lately.

  15. The finished painting is fantastic and I love your Face #23! HPPF!

  16. I love this one!! Well, I love them all - your style is so unique and recognisable and I adore how you just see things in your work as you go along rather than having a specific composition in mind before you begin. The title is perfect and I agree with you about looking for the positive rather than the negative.

  17. The finished painting is gorgeous!

    Love that journal page - very cool.

  18. I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the progressive painting for a fabulous end-thank you!!! Great face journal page too.Happy PPF!

  19. Beautiful work, loved seeing the progress of your picture. Valerie

  20. Awesome painting, beautiful and thoughtful! What an interesting process, thank you for the story! Love your collage, too, really interesting and unusual! And really like that color combination! <3

  21. I think your process is simply amazing beginning to end! Love the outcome!!!

  22. hello,
    congratulations on finishing your painting. I love that feeling!
    It is gorgeous wonderful! wow to all the beautiful stages that bring this to life.

    so wonderful, always to see what you are creating!

  23. it is fantastic to see all the stages you took to get to the finished product in that painting...the faces are all coming along wonderfully and it looks like you are learning a lot from being part of the project... I am thinking you may miss it when it is done...xx

  24. Wow!! Incredible work!! Truly beautiful!

  25. Love the finished painting and the process was amazing. Great job! Love the colors. Awesome!

  26. I love watching your creation process. The painting is wonderful. I also love your collaged face for #23 - just fabulous. HPPF

  27. who would have thought from the very first background it would turn into an amazing work of art. Happy PPF, Annette x

  28. How wonderful to see the way your painting developed, Denthe. It is so gorgeous as a finished piece of art.

  29. Wonderfully done painting ~ love the style, colors and composition!

  30. I LOVE seeing all the different phases of your painting. The result is really wonderful. And that collage is just so yummy! I love visiting you here...always inspiring! - janice

  31. Your painting is stunning Denise.. I truly love it... and your collaged faces are darling... simply gorgeous... love the white dots above the eye too...

    Jenny ♥

  32. Denise ik kan hier uren en uren naar kijken en elke keer ontdek ik weer wat nieuws. Je bent zo'n groot artiest, geweldig. En ik hou van je werk.
    lieve groetjes en fijn weekend

  33. Just a trip!, seeing the process, enjoyable to see the whole process along the road to fruition. I love the bird peaking around and you were so clever to add the bubbles. Love the two new faces, too. Thank you for the comments you leave on my blog posts.

  34. WOW so amazing, seeing your finished painting! So much yummy stuff to look at! and yes the collage one is a stunner funny! xox Conny

  35. LOVE seeing all the different incarnations your work goes through until the final phase. Gorgeous!!

  36. It is so good to see the transition...the different stages of your work is fun to go through ! Wonderful art indeed :)

  37. Loved to see the has come out gorgeous! Nice title too...
    Love the positive thoughts and the quote is great!
    HPPF Denthe!

  38. That is quite a process. I appreciate seeing it. Blessings, Janet PPF


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