Thursday, 7 February 2013

Face no.7: another sketch

Today, I worked on my painting (which I'll show in my post tomorrow for Paint Party Friday). So I didn't have much time for anything else. A sketch it is then.

I struggled a bit with her. I first dressed her in a turtleneck sweater. But I didn't like it. I almost started collaging over her (now that I've discovered the joys of collage ☺). But then I decided to get rid of the turtleneck and give her a normal shirt.


Then I scanned her and found that her neck was waaaayy too long. I like long-necked ladies, but only when I mean for them to have long necks. Not when I want to draw a "normal" woman . So out came the eraser again, and her shoulders went up.


Still not sure about her, but time's up, so here she is, ready or not:

Still a bit of a long neck if you ask me .... I actually like the detail photo much better ....

Thanks so much for visiting! See you tomorrow for Paint Party Friday, and my 8th face!


  1. i think she's perfect!! very nice

  2. De detailfoto is inderdaad heeeeeel erg mooi! Ik dacht meteen WAUW wat knap om zo een gedeelte te tekenen, maar je hebt een gedeelte gefotografeerd :-) Maar het blijft fantastisch.

  3. Excellent work. Love her look! Thanks for sharing and thank you for the info on the label thingy. I was able to actually add it. Thanks again.

  4. she is lovely
    your pencil work is beautiful
    i love long necked gals too, usually for my fairies because they can be as we wish them ;-)

  5. Wish I looked like her - she has great eyes and her long neck would attract the boys, right?

  6. Awesome!! I especially love her hair :)

  7. I too discovered this week what a rude shock a scanned image can be! I think she's beautiful though, but I agree the first partial photo is really striking, makes me want to intentionally do only a portion of a face like that.


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