Saturday, 23 February 2013

Face no.24: get the facts first

Well, it's weekend so time for the one-liners again ;-)

Sunday is the only day in the week that I can sleep as long as I want, so since I'm a night -person and hate to "have to" go to sleep because I have to get up in the morning, I want to take advantage of that and stay up as long as I like ....

But I'm finding I can't! I'm almost falling asleep behind my computer and my legs are starting to tingle .... And that's all because since a few weeks I have to get up at 6.30 every Saturday to bring my daughter to gymnastics practice. 6.30! AM! On a Saturday!! Djeez .... I wonder how my daughter can even run around at that ungodly hour, let alone do a backflip. I walk around in a zombie-like state half of the day, and at night when I'm usually wide awake I can't keep my eyes open.

What a shame! Fridays and Saturdays were always my most favorite evenings of the week, and now I can't enjoy them anymore. I might turn into a morning-person if I have to keep this up....

So I'm off to bed.... I hope tomorrow I'll have time to visit some more blogs.

Meanwhile, I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Thanks for visiting and I'll see you tomorrow with a new face!


  1. As always...beautiful art..I love the quote!I also love your line-work..and curves..the expression on her face is gorgeous too!and the colored backdrop is fabulous..soothing and full of harmony! Beautifully done!
    AW..hope you get some good sleeps soon!

  2. She is delightful ~ wonderful art style for faces ~ ^_^

  3. poor thing...I can feel with you, because I am a nightowl too ;) love the quote you use this time, hehe I have to remember it! xox Conny

  4. Verbluffend, deze one-liners en deze heeft ook weer zo'n leuke tekst!! Erg knap hoe je steeds nieuwe gezichtjes kunt maken.... :-) Tot morgen!

  5. Heehee, I know how you feel. My son used to have hockey practise at 6:30 in the morning when he was five. The young kids got the earliest ice times. Yuck! Fridays should be for staying up as long as one likes and Saturdays should be for sleeping as long as one likes too!

    I continue to enjoy your one-liners and am practising them too! Great advice to follow.

  6. Your simple continuous linework is so full of personality...She is marvellous.

  7. oh, getting up that early!!!!! it is hard to change your inner clock, at least for me. i also am a night person.....and sleep is so precious when it is good.

    mornings are brilliant..... if we get enough sleep. i wish you the best with that!

    loved seeing your line piece.

  8. I love your one liners, this one is lovely and the quote is something to remember. Getting up early sucks when you are a night owl!

  9. Hang in there! lovely art! :D Thank you for your visit to my blog! :D

  10. I never get tired of your one-liner girls!! Hope you get some good sleep tonight!

  11. Love the words and your girl Denise... she is beautiful and sassy... and yes I am a night owl too... and don't like early mornings at all...

    Jenny ♥

  12. Lovely face — funny quote! <3

  13. I just love your one liners. They are always so cool looking. I hope you get some rest tomorrow. I have been trying to go to bed earlier so my night owl self is not a zombie in the morning. ;) It's helping!


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