Saturday, 16 February 2013

Face no.17: it would be so nice

Well, it's weekend again, which means there's too many other things to do to find time to do a lot of art.

A one-liner it is then ☺

I really appreciate all of your comments and advice about Google+ on my previous post. I now know for sure I will NOT open a Google+-account. Gee, not one person was positive about it! I wonder why they keep changing these things.

So I can really relate to what this girl is thinking ....

Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday! Thanks for taking the time to look! I'll be back tomorrow with face # 18 !


  1. Lovely face and great words ~ Very creative and colorful ^_^

    Thanks for your comments.

  2. Love this! Beautiful, and the words ring true to me...

  3. So true!! Leuke tekening en een goede tekst! Ben er nu ook pas achter dat ook je tekeningen "one-liners" zijn en vind het geweldig knap!!
    Fijn weekend, en tot morgen!
    xxx Marianne

  4. I love this idea, you did do this with one line, right, such a definitive face

    1. Thnx Lee! Yes, this is done in one line, although I sometimes go over one part several times. But it's all done without lifting the marker from the paper.

  5. Schitterend! je zou ze in een boekvorm moeten uitgeven! ( ik zou een boekje kopen,haha)

  6. your oneline girl is so sweet, looks like you have captured her thoughts :)

  7. She is beautiful and love the flowing pen work you have used to accomplish this sensitive piece :)

  8. Your one-line girls are so fun and quirky!

  9. Ha! I love that saying - and your style with these girls is so unique and cool. Love her pouty lips too, xoxo

  10. Your One Liner is fabulous Denise... and the words are perfect for her sweet expression... she really does look to be pondering... hope you had a wonderful weekend...

    Jenny ♥

  11. About the G+ and other social media: I´m going the other way. While most are adding media to be everywhere, I´m closing accounts. Lol! I discovered my energy was scattered so I´m focusing again.
    By the way: you were one of my inspirations for "other than skin colour" faces. :D

  12. i love your one liners. This one is just awesome!


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