Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Face no.27: let me grow young

I painted a little bit today, but didn't get anything ready yet, so I also made a lyricsgirl. Luckily, painting went a lot smoother today, although I had to struggle through some very frustrating "aarrghhh"-moments in the process.

 When this happens I always have to think about my workshop with Flora Bowley, and how she says her paintings go through the "ugly teenagers phase". She says it takes time for paintings to figure out who they want to be when they grow up, and it takes a lot of patience and courage to get through this. I love that analogy. And it is so true! Every painting I make, whether it's a small miniature painting or a big canvas, goes at least once through a phase where I think I'll never get it right. But if you work through it, it will get better, really! To remind myself of that, I've started to make pictures of my paintings whenever I think nothing good will ever come out of it, and I feel like throwing the paintbrush out of the window, together with the painting. Sometimes I can't believe how ugly they've been before they get better. It really helps to stick with it and work through it.

So sometimes it's really relaxing to do a lyricsgirl. Although, when I do something wrong here, it can't be fixed anymore. Markers are very unforgiving. In this lyricsgirl I'm not happy with the way I did the lyrics, but hey, I need to post something, and it'll have to do. The lyrics are from Heather Nova, background is done with pan pastels.

Two more faces! Only two more faces! Can't believe how fast this month has gone by. I'll miss the challenge, and at the same time I'm feeling relief that next week I won't have to post and produce every day anymore. I need to focus a bit more on other things now, like getting my Etsy-shop in order. But I hope I can still hold on to the habit of doing something creative every day. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back tomorrow with face #28!


  1. I'm so glad you said this. I'm having a very bad painting day and it helps so much to be reminded that I've got to work through this. Your lyric girls are lovely, it's such a good idea and the words go so well with your lovely drawings. :) xx

  2. Ik had vandaag ook willen schilderen, maar helaas... is weer niets van gekomen. In plaats daarvan ook een tekening gemaakt en ja.... het is waar; met stift kun je niets meer verdoezelen; het moet meteen goed zijn. En dat is die van jou weer!! Iedereen mag toch zien dat de tekst met de hand is geschreven, dus hoeft niet perfekt te zijn en je dametje is weer fantastisch. Prachtige uitdrukking Denise, daar ben je echt zooooo goed in!
    Tot morgen!
    xxx Marianne

  3. That hair - those eyes! You never disappoint!
    Funny - some of the sketches that I really don't like become some of my favorite girls once they are painted. Of course my favorites are never anyone else's favorites though -

  4. each piece is different
    some flow
    some we struggle with
    this is lovely
    as are the previous two
    a joy to see each one

  5. Beautiful! It's not always easy, but if it's a more difficult process, the success is sweeter! :)

  6. Love the lyrics you choose and the girl is fantastic. :)

  7. Lovely post today Denise. Your words are so true and encouraging to those of us who are having 'Bad Painting days' Your lyrics girl is amazing (as usual!) I love the bold outlines againt the pastel background, stunning

  8. Beautiful Lyrics and a face to go perfectly...Your art ROCKS!

  9. Another gorgeous lyrics girl! I also did Flora Bowley's workshop, her first on-line workshop. I found it really difficult and just couldn't get it right. But yours on the other hand, wow


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