Saturday, 9 February 2013

Face no.9: lyricsgirl

Well, the weekends seem to be a bit of a challenge when it comes to getting some painting done. It's almost midnight and here I am, getting my face on the internet in the nick of time ...

A lyricsgirl again this time. Much faster than a painting, or even a sketch. Might have to start working ahead of time when the weekend's coming ....

I'll make it quick and fast. Here she is, done in markers, background in panpastels (which isn't done very well I can see now, but alas, no more time to fix it), and with lyrics from Kate Voegele.

That's it for now. Thanks so much for visiting, and I'll get back to everyone tomorrow (I hope .. ☺)


  1. Wat een productie en je bent zelf niet snel tevreden, toch? Ik zou willen dat ik het op kon brengen maar ik kom helaas tot niets. Ja.... misschien een kaartje, maar ik kan me er niet toe zetten om iets te tekenen of schilderen. Ik vind je dametje heel erg mooi. Leuk met die doodle jurk!! Ben ook weer benieuwd naar je volgende creatie. Telkens een verrassing :-)
    Fijn weekend,
    xxx Marianne

  2. Your lyrics girl is so contemplative ! Her posture is very model like, gesh, how do you do that so well and you say you can do her quicker than a sketch. Wow....oh, one day I hope I can draw like you! I've had a of late nights myself while doing this challenge. You continue to be my inspiration! Thanks again for sharing. I hope you are having a good weekend. I am off to an new antique store...that sounds like an oxymoron...

  3. Beautiful! Love how you did her hair! <3

  4. wow dit ziet er prachtig uit, ik zou willen dat ik zou zou kunnen tekenen, prachtig! Fijn weekend!

  5. She is beautiful, love her hair.

  6. She is gorgeous - love those hazel eyes and the pattern on her shirt. . .

  7. Love her look, and the dress, what a wonderful piece of art

  8. She is adorable Denise... love her pretty little face... soft background... and her doodled dress is amazing...

    Jenny ♥

  9. Wonderful Denise - it is hard to find the time, i had my little 2.5 yr old grand daughter this weekend, but still managed to do 2 faces, still need to post them - love your art!!!!!

  10. These are wonderful , Denise! :]
    You are doing such a great artwork. ~xx
    Love your "FACES"!!


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