Sunday, 10 February 2013

face no.10: here come the oneliners again ....

Well, I told you yesterday that the weekends are a bit hard to get some art done. And which one is the quickest face to make? Right, a oneliner! Just one line, don't lift the marker, just keep going until all's done.

So that's what I made today, in order to get a face ready and still get into bed at a decent hour .... ☺

Off now to visit some blogs before going to sleep. Thnx so much for having a look! I appreciate it ♥

See you tomorrow with face #11!


  1. Lovely side portrait ~ wonderfully done ~

    Carol of : (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  2. Leuk!!! Ook de tekst.
    Fijne zondag!
    xxx Marianne

  3. Fabulous..such a beautiful strong expression..she is gorgeous too! Love the color-splashes all around..the softnes and visual subtleness is sublime!

  4. LOVE the one-liner and the quote so made me smile. Denthe, I just love coming here and seeing what you're up to. I love seeing how you play and experiment with color and line. Very inspiring! I look forward to seeing more faces! xo - janice

  5. Love the one liner idea, I'll have to try that sometime! Love the quote as well!

  6. Need to keep the one liner idea in mind for busy days! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Great one liner. Sweet dreams.

  8. beautiful one liner Denthe, sleep well!

  9. Beautiful Denise... I always love your One Liners... and this gorgeous one is no exception... love the colors too...

    Jenny ♥

  10. hehe love it and great way to stay arty lol
    hugz bev

  11. Your one-liner faces always make me happy -
    Do you sketch any guidelines to start?

    1. Thnx Michelle! Lately I usually sketch some rough guidelines, after ruining too many prepared backgrounds with completely lopsided faces. But not being able to lift your marker always makes for an interesting and unexpected result.

  12. Terrific!
    Love this technique... :]


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