Sunday, 24 February 2013

Face no.25: Please don't ask me where I'm going ...

Today it's time for a lyricsgirl again. I kinda like going back and forth between different styles and materials.

But I must admit it's getting hard creating a new face every day. My other work is staying a bit behind. and since I'm planning on opening up my etsy-shop by the end of the week, you might get quite a few oneliners or lyricsgirls for the next days ....

Todays lyrics are from Corinne Bailey Rae, and I have no idea who that is and even whether I like her songs. But sometimes I'm just picking random lyrics because I like them. And these lyrics seem to sum up pretty good my state of mind right now ... ;-)

Okay, it's way past my bedtime, not a good way to start a new week, so I'm off to bed once again.

Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments! I'll be back tomorrow with face #26!


  1. Ik vind je lyrics girls erg leuk, dus vind het niet erg om er van de week nog een paar te zien. Heb vandaag ook een tekst uit een liedje gebruikt nl van de Bee Gees (was een groep vóór jouw tijd hahaha) Maar jouw meisje is super!! Ik ken de tekst niet maar wel een hele leuke bij deze tekening.
    Tot morgen, Denise en slaap lekker!
    xxx Marianne

  2. Dear Denthe,
    I love your lyrik girl. She is looking fantastic. Seh is looking like a little girl and I love this.
    My other work is also a little bit in the background. It is really a challenge!

  3. Denthe, she has such captivating hair. My eyes went on a visual adventure, around every wave, up, down, around. The quote so fits her face. Well done once again!

  4. Oh I LOVE Corinne Bailey Rae, she's one of my favourite singers and has the most beautiful voice. This is a lovely drawing, I really like the way her hand gives expression to her. :) xx

  5. Her beautiful expression is perfect for those lyrics Denise... and I love the hand on her shoulder...

    Jenny ♥

  6. Love the lyrics and the girl is wonderful, that hair!

  7. Wonderful work! Good luck with the Etsy Shop!!

  8. She's beautiful! And a half face! WHY didn't I think of that, lol. Wow, okay, I really love the lyric girls - and you know that song with "3 little birds, sat on my window - and they told me I don't need to worry. . ." That's her :)
    CONGRATULATIONS on opening your shop to be! It's so much work at this stage - good luck - I am thinking of you and rooting you on. (I'm the one with the pom poms ;) xoxox

  9. Love her hair! and expression and the lyrics. Hope all goes well with your etsy shop, i wish you every success!

  10. I know exactly what you mean - I'm enjoying the challenge but at the same time it seems to be taking over from doing any actual painting! I like this girl - you always capture such a sweet wistful look about your girls. her hair is fab.

  11. I love Corinne Bailey Rae, she is a fantstic singer/songwriter. Her most famous song was called 'Put your records on'. Your girl fits perfectly with her lyrics!

  12. I love this one, she is so sweet! And I love her hair x


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