Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Face no. 13: journal/collage girl

Today was the same struggle as last week Tuesday. Nothing went the way it was supposed to go, I had a lot of ideas but couldn't get them on paper, I got verrry frustrated and the wicked witch (remember her?) paid me several visits throughout the day.

 But I struggled on, and in the end, it all came together and I had lots of fun finishing it.

I wanted to paint some faces with contorted features, too big eyes, a crooked mouth, etc ... and I couldn't. Everything I drew looked boring and too normal. So I decided to paint some faces without eyes, and paint some separate eyes too, and afterwards collage it all together.

Well, the eyes I painted turned out way too big and didn't fit on the paper, so I could only use the smallest one, and used a magazine eye for the other. I kinda like the combination of own painting and collage.

So this is what came out of it:

I experimented with black, because I always shy away from it. Even for shadows I usually don't use black. But here I did, and while I thought it was too dark at first, putting it against a bright background and combining it with some white made it better. For her neck and shoulders I printed out one of my doodles. Re-using your art, I'm starting to discover the possibilities of that...  Especially handy when you're short on time ☺.

I added the quote in Photoshop, after I scanned the image.

Well, that's it and it's time for bed once again. I need to stop doing these late nights, I'm getting sleep-deprived ....

Thanks for visiting,  and welcome to my new followers. You make my day  ♥

See you tomorrow with face #14 !


  1. I love it when a plan comes together hahaha. Zoals ze altijd zeiden bij The A-team. Maar dat was misschien wel voor jouw tijd. Ik vind het een prachtig exemplaar geworden. Heel erg vindingrijk met die doodle-nek en het haar is heel erg leuk. Je mag dit gerust een kunstwerkje noemen!!
    See ya!

  2. This is pretty good! I like your style. Thanks.:)

  3. That is so much fun! I love how you combined it all - the colorful background, the black and white, the collage and the text. Love it!! xoxo Silke

  4. wow prachtig, de achtergrond is geweldig en die zwartwitte gezichten in het persoontje, en een prachtige quote maakt het helemaal af!!

  5. She is fabulous Denise.... LOVE her collaged eye... and she is perfect with the doodled body... great words too....

    Jenny ♥

  6. I really love how the eyes turned out, sometime I get really tired of symmetry! And your beautiful doodles for the neck and body, love that.

  7. Love the concept of collaging parts together and the doodle reused on her body is a super idea!

  8. I love her! But you know that :0) I'm addicted to your girls♥

  9. wow this is amazing!! fabulous painting:))

  10. Saw this on Pinterest. It is amazing.


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