Monday, 18 February 2013

Face no.19: negative painting

I love negative painting. Sometimes I have these great backgrounds in my art journal that would be a shame to paint over. I never really paint my backgrounds deliberately, I always use leftover paint to scrape randomly in my art journal (with a creditcard or with my fingers). Sometimes it needs a whole bunch of layers before it looks remotely acceptable, in which case I usually paint over it, but sometimes happy accidents happen. And this page was one of them.

I don't even remember how I got this result. I do remember that at some time the pages stuck together and got ripped. But that only contributed to an interesting background.

So I decided to make a negative face, meaning I painted around the face and not so much in the face. A little bit of course, to get some shadows and some features, but not much. I like the contrast between the black and the background that's left.

And I scribbled a bit with the back of my brush, so that the background came shining through the little scratches.

Might make some more of these, it was fun!

It has been pouring down with rain all day today. Time to snuggle into bed with my new book ;-)

After I visit some other blogs of course ....

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow with my new face! ♥


  1. Wonderful new paintig, love the contrast effect.
    Here is the weather dark and rainy too, we want spring too!
    xox Anja

  2. Dat ziet er erg leuk uit. Inderdaad jammer om die mooie achtergrond helemaal onder te schilderen en je hebt in een mum van tijd een heel leuk resultaat! Het is een heel mooi gezichtje geworden! Knap gedaan weer!

  3. wow dit is weer een prachtige creatie, mooi die donkere achtergrond!

  4. Love this. I like how the background looks like a blackboard from my school days!

  5. I know hat you mean about backgrounds, this is marvelous. I hope you don't mind I might try a take on your negative idea later in the week.

  6. I adore her Denise... such a gorgeous face against the dark background... and the rain sounds heavenly... so hoping some finds it way down to us in Victoria... it is so dry at the moment...

    Jenny ♥

  7. Fabulous!! LOVE this idea - I've done it in the past but now with a portrait. Totally forgot about that technique - you've done an amazing job with it! LOVE the brush scratches too. . .

  8. I really like this effect of negative painting on such an interesting background.

  9. how fun, i love hearing how you did this. i also splash my left over paint around. just can not put it down the drain.

    such a wonderful piece.

  10. Its always interesting to hear about your techniques and I love the randomness of the outcome. This is a beautiful piece and I love the scratch detail in the background

  11. Oooh...I love this. The face and hair are absolutely gorgeous with all those pretty splashes of color.


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