Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Face no.28: it is such a secret place

Finished one of my new miniature paintings today. These are so much fun to make, but until now I hadn't been able to find the little canvases here in Australia. I could only find the ones with the deep edges, but I don't like those so much.

And now all of a sudden I found them in 2 shops, the "normal" ones that I always used and brought with me from Belgium, and also some on canvasboard. Which I'm very happy about, because now I can make some for my Etsy-shop that can be sent as a letter (which is a lot cheaper ...). So the coming weeks will find me busy creating these little canvases (they are only 10x10cm or 3,9x3,9", which is very small for me). I also sell them in the gallery in Redcliffe where I sell some of my bigger paintings, and last week there were only 2 left.

This is the 28th face, so only one more left! And that's okay. I'm looking forward already to making a mosaic of all the faces I did this month. I've done this every time I participate in this challenge, and it really shows how much work I got done in a month. It stimulates me every time to participate again the next time.

Late again, so I'll just make a dash to some blogs and then it's off to bed. Hope to see you tomorrow again with the last face! Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh my gosh i love love love this. So beautiful.

  2. you've matched the quote and the face perfectly!!

  3. This one is very touching with that quote.
    Good to know you found what you wanted. Have fun creating!

  4. Prachtig gedaan Denise en weer zo'n mooie tekst. En 10 x 10 cm??? Jeetje, dat je daar alles opkrijgt. Dat vindt ik helemaal knap!!!
    Tot morgen!
    xxx Marianne

  5. I'm working on 2 little canvasas that are 10 x 10 inches but they're the box type. I'd like to use canvas board for the reason you say but how do you hang them?xx

    1. Hi Jess, I'll just use those adhesive little hooks, which should work well because the canvas is so small. They can even be hung by Blu-tack. I'm not sure how I would do it with a bigger canvas. Have to google that some time ....

  6. such a wonderful little piece.
    how fun that you found canvases that make you happy. easy to mail is important.

  7. wow een prachtig kunstwerkje!

  8. Stunning face!! Thoughtful quote... Good things Come in Small packages.

  9. Those lashes are amazing - you sure pack a lot of beauty in a small space!

  10. This is awesome! Amazing eyelashes. 4x4 is awfully small! Great idea though.

  11. Can't wait to see the little canvas art in your etsy shop!


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