Saturday, 29 September 2012

Face nr.28: I can never find words

Only one face left to go! These challenges sure have a way to show you how time flies...

Here's today's girl:

Do you have that too? That you don't know how to put something in words? I have it all the time. Especially when someone is nasty to me and I can't come up with a speedy reply. Until after I get home. Then I find all the right answers that I should have given. Very frustrating. Might try this getting drunk next time. It sure beats getting frustrated ;-)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Thanks for stopping by, and for all your wonderful comments.  See you tomorrow with my very last face! ♥


  1. Ik vind het zo'n prestatie Denthe, de 28e. Super. En de 'drink' er bij, kan ik me wel voorstellen haha.
    Maar ook deze is weeer schitterend. Ze kijkt wel blij, vast om nog één te gaan !!!!
    fijn weekend en lieve groetjes

  2. What a beautiful face.... not sure about getting drunk - a hangover is never good!!!!


  3. She is so beautiful denthe! as always! :)

  4. I do do that all of the time! Not just when I'm angry.also when I just have a lot to say about something- somehow my brain freezes and I'm left to think on it for the next week. :/ love your whimsical face and the background!

  5. I do that alot and wish I could be more quick witted sometimes but 'least said, soonest mended' as the saying goes. I agree that the challenge dose make you realize how quickly time goes by. You must have been in Oz for a year now?:) See you tomorrow for the last day Denthe

    1. Yes, we've been here since the 31st of August 2011, more than a year now. It doesn't seem that long because I'm still getting used to how things go around here, but it sure feels a very long time ago that I've seen my family and friends in Belgium.... That's the downside of emigrating I guess ....

  6. Hahaha. I'm not quick with words either. Sometimes I even have to write it down to get a coherent sentence out of me. :))) Getting drunk does the trick but hangover is not worth it. :) Love your face. :)

  7. I am only quick with the words that get me in trouble- all the rest take way too much time to be useful when I need them in "those" situations. Fabulous line drawing!

  8. Unfortunately I am usually to quick with words and get myself into all kinds of trouble over it. Can't keep my mouth shut :0(


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