Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Daily face and artists that inspire me: Lisa G

Lisa G is a Canadian artist who is living in Paris. I discovered her a while back, and put her amongst my favorites right away.

I love her use of colours, and the surreal imagery.

Her faces have something magical; innocent and knowing at the same time.

And the way she paints hands ... oh, just the way I like hands: long, thin, elegant. And she's an autodidact too! Hard to believe ....

I'm only allowed to use a few pictures of her paintings on my blog, so if you want to see more, you'll have to visit her blog, her website or her Facebookpage. So much more to see there, check it out!

And here's my face for today:

Hihi ...

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Love reading your reactions, they make me smile ♥


  1. Hi Denthe, thanks for your gesso tip. I love your one line faces and quotes! Where do you go to find all these amazing artists? I really wish I could do something like that one day. But I'm still finding myself. Take Care.

  2. Lisa G's paintings are amazing, I especially like the top one and will definately check her out.
    Love your one line girl and have noticed you have inspired others to try this technique:) The quote is really funny today Denthe, it made me laugh

  3. Oooh, I like learning about new and different artists, thanks! These are really gorgeous and interesting. I love the warm, glowing colors and yes, the hands...the eyes...and faces. The colors of the

  4. Some of Lisa G's body positions, the way they intertwine, remind me a bit of Gustav Klimt's paintings! It looks like she dedicates her full time to her art. Lucky her. Thanks for sharing your artist of inspiration. Love the quote and your daily face, as usual! I guess I am approaching magnificent too! yeh, me!

  5. amazing work by Lisa G - thanks for sharing, am going to have a look at more of her work. PS i'm already magnificent!

  6. Wow. Lisa G's stuff is really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    And your quotes and daily faces make me really happy.

  7. Lisa's work reminds me of Leonor Fini and Chagall too. Thank you so much for sharing her work. Lovely face today -- strikes a real cord with me!

  8. Wow! I just love Lisa's work. Thanks for sharing. I have to agree with Jessica - I thought of Chagall right away when viewing her work. BTW - I am quite "magnificent" myself! LOL ♥


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