Thursday, 13 September 2012

Face nr. 12: my own little world

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving your lovely comments! I didn't manage to get to all the participants of PPF this week, and since it's almost Friday again, I'm not going to anymore. Oh well, ... time just flies too fast. I'm always trying to catch up with it and getting frustrated in the process.

But I managed to finish my painting today! Still have to make a good picture, so I'll post it tomorrow.

For today, it'll just be the daily face. Here she is:

I think most artists can relate to this ;-)

Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow!


  1. I really do adore your One Liner Girls Denthe... this one is a sweetie too... and yes... can totally relate to those words...

    Jenny x

  2. They are real cute your girls only with one line! These words fits very well to what I feel!! Kisses to you

  3. You have such a fantastic collection of quote Denthe , they really finish off your drawings. This one in particular is very fitting for me!!

  4. oh, yes!! i can relate to this quote! i'm enjoying your daily faces very much!

  5. OMG! Another so me quote :0) I can't wait to come here every day to see your great faces and the quotes!!!

  6. Hee hee - your girls make me smile every day! Still can't get over the fact that they are one line!

  7. Inderdaad de tijd vliegt Denthe. Maar je tekst en portret van vandaag is weer prachtig. Live your own little world.
    Lieve groetjes

  8. I love your quotes, and your girl!


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