Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Face nr. 18: sick days

No inspiring artist today I'm afraid. Didn't receive an answer to my email, so I don't have an explicit permission to use pictures of her work. Which is a pity, because her work is really worth a look.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow ...

I'll make it short today. It's late again and I'm in danger of collapsing on top of my keyboard. I have a bad habit of staying up too late at night, and then I still have to get out of bed early in the morning, and every once in a while I get so sleep deprived that I walk around like a zombie. Which is how I feel now ...

Here is my girl for today:

Hihi. She clearly doesn't feel like working ;-)  I can relate to that ...

Thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comments! I'll come by your blog tomorrow, promise!


  1. This made me smile! Ha. Hope your day pans out!!

  2. Oh I have had days like that! Beautiful face!

  3. You've described be completely!!! :0) have missed two days of work this week and I only had one sick day :0(
    Great art !!!

  4. Hope tomorrow's a better day for you, totally human!

  5. know the feeling ... hmm maybe I should go to bed ;-)

  6. She is wonderful Denthe... and yes the words made me smile too... hope you hear back from your artist... I really enjoy those posts...

    Jenny x

  7. You aren`t sad, your paintings are so delightful and extraordinary, be happy and proud, your style is unique your own and that is wonderful. I wish you a happy day,
    a warm embrace to you:-)Anja

  8. Lovely sad and "sick" face ;) and wonderful colors like a rainbow.
    I wish you some good rest and sleep, and get out of the zoombie land!

    Best recovering from Viola :)

  9. i feel like this sometimes too!


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