Tuesday, 11 September 2012

face 10: responsibility

Oh my, I still haven't gotten around to visiting all participants from 29 faces, let alone the ones from PPF. Will visit some more today. But I'm happy because I painted today. Oh, that felt so good. Even though I got stuck and didn't know how to continue. But I think I'll be able to finish it this week. And I'm working on 2 new backgrounds too! Yesss! Looking forward to starting a new painting again.

Here's my daily girl. I seem to like the absurd quotes ... ;-)

I will have to make some more backgrounds for my girls, they're almost all used up. I spray some paint in my watercolour journal, it's size A4, and then divide it in 6 squares, and that's where my girls go. I have 2 squares left ...

Okay, that's it for today, I'll be back tomorrow with a new inspiring artist, and a new face of course :-)
Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow!


  1. I love your absurd quotes and your girls :0)
    Hoping to get two faces done today to help get caught up!

  2. Another great face and funny quote Denthe, I am finding it hard keeping up with the challenge aswell :)

  3. A nice and cheerful piece of work! :) It's exciting to work with backgrounds. This one is soft and lovely! :)

  4. Your faces are so pretty and the quotes are so funny! Love these pieces! <3
    It is an impossible task to visit everybody every day, one would have to take couple of days off just to do that! :)

  5. Again such a great portrait and sentiment Denthe. Love it very much.
    lieve groetjes

  6. Wow, Denthe she is beautyful.
    Love the ink lines.

  7. love your girls and all the quotes - very clever!

  8. I love this - your backgrounds are gorgeous and I love the squiggly line girl. Your quote is perfect!


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