Monday, 17 September 2012

Face nr. 16 and lyricsgirl

A while ago I placed an online order with Blick Art Materials, and I had to wait a while for it because one item was out of stock. But now I finally received it and oh, I felt like it was my birthday! I LOVE new materials, it's so exciting! Got all kind of goodies in it, like new Inktense pencils, acrylic ink, fluid acrylics from Golden (which I still haven't been able to find here in Australia) and a lot of new markers that I want to try out to found out which are my favorites.

So I wanted to use my new markers and decided to make a lyrics-girl again. That seems like a very long time ago! But I also made my daily one-liner. So for today I have two faces to share with you!

Here's the one-liner:

Wouldn't it be handy if it had ... !?

And here's my lyrics-girl, with lyrics from Adele:

I kinda missed making these lyrics-girls. Oh, if one only had more time! There are so many things I want to do, I just don't understand people who get bored. I'm never EVER bored. Although I know the feeling, when I go somewhere and have to wait and didn't bring a book or something. But usually I take something to do and time flies by like always. I wished I could just grab it once in a while and tell it to stand still and stop rushing.

Oh well, it's almost bedtime again, time to get this posted ... ;-)

Thank you for visiting! It's so much appreciated!


  1. Sounds like some wonderful treasures Denthe... I'm guessing you were after the big bottles of fluid acrylics... but in Qld have the smaller ones... just got myself some new Inktense pencils... they are fabulous... LOVE your girls... especially your Lyrics Girl.. she is a sweetie...

    Jenny x

  2. Lovely girls! I don't know how you always manage to fit the lyrics on the page just right. That skill is just beyond me.

    1. Oh, well ... I had to restart three times before I managed to fit the lyrics on the page ... The secret is: start out with pencil, that way you can always erase ... ;-)

  3. Ze zijn weer zo apart Denthe. En zo mooi. De lyrics zijn gaaf. Knap dat je elke keer er eentje bij verzint en schrijft. En maar goed dat je je niet verveelt want nu zien wij elke dag zoiets moois.
    Lieve groetjes

  4. Two great faces Denthe. I love the hair on your lyrics girl.
    Sometimes its nice to go back to a style or technique you havent used for a while.
    Sounds like you have lots of goodies to play with :)
    You can buy Gloden fluid acrylics in Oxlades Art Supplies in Fortitude Valley

  5. How gorgeous..your girls are fabulous...such beautiful pieces! you rock..they are awesome! All if your new art-goodies sound so fun..I have never tried any of those things cool..enjoy!

  6. I too get excited over new art goodies, I am still drooling over my new gouache paints I got a week ago. Your girls are fabulous, although if we had an undo button we would be spending time undoing and not getting on.

  7. Lyrics girl is so cool - I love Adele!

  8. Denthe, your drawings are wonderful and your quotes always make me laugh or think ! I checked out your web page. I love your art there too, the colors, the compositions, the themes. I am now following your blog! Thanks so much for sharing and for brightening our world!

  9. i was going to give u the Blue Bazaar link but i see its been given , love your girls and ive started doing some , the one where u said , im the only one allowed to shout started me off lol
    i tried to order from DB and the postage was more than the order how did u find them price wise for postage would be interested to know ...

    hugz bev

    1. Hi Bev, yes that Blue Bazaar link was great! checked it out immediately and I'm afraid I'll have to order some more supplies now, since they're having free shipping till the end of September ;-)
      I find that it's better to do a big order from DB, since the postage is not much different with a smaller package. And they were having a sale so I just ordered a whole lot at once. I think if you just buy small amounts it's not really worth it.

    2. oh yes that makes sense thanks , l love ordering from BB with free shipping and i love that u get a little bag of jelly beans in your package lol

  10. Everything you create is just wonderful - love the lyric girl very much

  11. What happiness- a box of art goodies is like heaven in a box for me! Your ladies are fabulous- I wish I had that undo button!

  12. Lyrics girl is beautiful! I love the way you did her hair and eyes!
    Undo girl is cool, I wish undo existed in real life, too... Undo, undo, undo... but I suppose we are supposed to learn about stuff we would like to undo... but still! :)


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