Monday, 10 September 2012

Daily face

I am determined to catch up at least with all the participants of 29 faces today. So this post will be short.

I just want to say thanks for the great suggestions and encouragement on my last post. I'll take it all into consideration. It's great to hear about your experiences too!

Here is my daily girl. I tried a profile this time.

The quote is so absurd it makes me laugh every time. So it had to be a part of my "funny girls-series", as I now call them.

Thanks for looking! See you tomorrow!


  1. Great sketched face and quote is great ~ good to laugh ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Wonderful to have you 'come by' ^_^

  2. Playing catch up Denthe... your funny girls are gorgeous... and love today's quote... your market stall looked fabulous... maybe worth trying selling online... especially with Christmas not far away...

    Jenny x

  3. Loving your funny girl series Denthe.

  4. I love her! what a great quote too.

  5. She is beautiful! Love the quote really funny and you know what I can see her doing it too.

  6. She is fantastic and I love the quote!!! Sending a link to my daughter so she can smile. She is going through a tough time getting my 6 old grandson to brush properly.

  7. Totally awesome! I love your workand the colors are fab.!
    They are full of movemebt and excitement.
    The 29 faces onliners are terrific. Love the quirk!

  8. Your one line drawings bring a smile to my face every day!! LOVE them!!
    BTW - if you only had one tooth you wouldn't have to floss. . . just sayin'

  9. Love the profile drawing and great quote 'funny girls' make me smile :)

  10. Hahahaha! but I'm sure I would not smile and laugh taht much with only one tooth! ;)

    Lovely! :)


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