Thursday, 20 September 2012

Daily girl and artists that inspire me: Sarah Joncas

I got an answer from one of the artists I wanted to feature, so here she is! Sarah Joncas is a young Canadian artist living in Toronto. I think her art is amazing, this girl is really talented.

She paints mostly women, which by now is not a surprise anymore I guess, since all my inspiring artists paint mostly women.

I love the surreal elements of her paintings.

Such beautiful faces ...

And that hair blowing in the wind ... wish I knew how to do that!

Sometimes she uses a more illustrative kind of style

Look at those bubbles, and that hair again ... love it!

Oh, and did I mention how I love the eyes?

Isn't it beautiful!? *sigh* I could look at her art for ages.

This is really interesting I think. The initial layer is in acrylics, and the top layers are oil. I find it fascinating to see how she starts with a painting.

If you can't get enough, check out her blog, her website and her Facebookpage. So much more to see there!

And here's my daily one-liner, with a very true quote ....

Thanks for visiting! See you tomorrow for the paint party!


  1. I've been a fan of Sarah's for a few years now. Talented beyond belief :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. Beautiful, amazing art! The eyes...the flowing hair...gorgeous. And I love your quote, too! How very sadly true...! K

  3. thanks for the info about sarah...i will check out her work. very beautiful!!

    and your quote is so true!!

  4. thank you for sharing another wonderful artist!!
    I also enjoyed seeing how she begins and continues on with a painting.

    your art is fun to see and that quote is scary!

  5. I really like your one-liner faces. I tried this technique, but ended up using many lines. Oh well...

  6. LOVE Sarah's gorgeous work... and love the transition from acrylic to oil... so cool... the flowing and beautiful hair that she paints is amazing... and another wonderful One Liner Denthe... she is lovely... as always...

    Jenny x

  7. She is magnificent..gorgeous art and stunning pieces..they are all so unique and magical...and yay a fellow Canadian..fabulous!

  8. What an amazing artist, wow! Love the quote.

  9. Another reat one line girl and quote Denthe. I really like the background on this one. I have never seen sarahs work before, she is super talented! Her work is so 'polished' it looks like its been computer generated!


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