Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Face nr.17: it'll all seem funny

On yesterday's post I got some really good tips about art stores her in Australia. Thanks! Must be that I'm not a very good Googler since I hadn't been able to find these stores by myself ... So next time I'm looking for something I'll just ask you ;-) Might be a lot quicker!

I am finally catching up with the participants from 29 faces. There are so many wonderful works on there, it's amazing how many different interpretations you can get with just one simple instruction: "make a face". Some very creative people out there!

Here's my face for today:

Reminds me of me trying to create a website ....

And I found this on Facebook today and just HAVE to share it. It's so funny. And it describes exactly my feelings when trying to figure out how to do all this online stuff, like making websites and creating Facebookpages (although I got THAT figured out now ....)

Hahaha! I keep laughing every time I read it! Look at his pained face, poor guy ...And poor me. And poor everybody who is trying to understand how to do something that seems so easy for everybody else :-)

Well, I'm off to visit some more blogs. I hope I'll be back tomorrow with another inspiring artist. Didn't hear back from her yet, so thumbs up ...

Thanks so much for visiting! See you tomorrow!


  1. I absolutely love all your faces and the text that accompanies them. And I really relate to the poor guy and his issues with maths. Brilliant.

  2. I agree! SO many talented artist in the blogland and I love these blog hops and challenges that make me aware of them. :) Fabulous girl! I'm really tempted to do a one liner now. :)

  3. he he he....i can relate to this poor guy!

  4. Pretty face with a great quote, so true...
    And yes, I can relate to that guy , I do not understand math or online stuff!

  5. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. I like your faces you have your own unique style!

  6. Love all your paintings and love your humour!*g*
    Hugs Anja

  7. It amazes me how you can get these to look so good with 1 line! You should do a video just so we can see how you do it! Sweet!

    I like the Undo button face, too!

    1. Lol ... I don't have a clue how to make a video. Maybe in the far future ... ;-)

  8. Loving all your faces and the quotes that go with them...one is particularly hilarious (the condom). I don't know how your girl could keep a straight face in that one. LOL Great work!!

  9. Can't wait for when things will all seem funny, good one!

  10. lol i think its because we are artists , i rang the bank re a rollover and asked about interest rates and in the had a headache and absorbed nothing so i totally relate that pic lol

    hugz bev

  11. It is funny and really true. I often feel like him.

  12. Oh my, such an inspiring Blog... enjoyed my visit here today!
    Thank you for stopping by :]
    Love your "FACES". You are very talented, thank you for sharing.
    Your artwork is WONDERFUL!!

  13. Hahaha! Fun! and hard to me to find out too, and obviously I can see the problems and *the hard to figure out theme* into myself :))

    But your drawing - the lady is absolutely beautiful, and full of glory and life! :)

  14. and obviously I can see the man's forehead and the problems and *the hard to figure out theme* into myself too :))

    was exactly what I was thinking to write..
    (sorry if my English is not that good..)


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