Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Face nr.24: walking distance and award

We had a fun-filled, action-packed day today, and I'm knackered. But, well, gotta do my daily duty, right!?

Here's my face for today:

And guess what! The lovely Natasha May has given me a Liebster Award!

Thank you Natasha ♥! This award involves sharing 11 things about myself, answering 11 questions posted by the giver, and then nominating 11 blogs. I read somewhere that this should be blogs with less than 200 followers, although this wasn't in Natasha's post. So I'm not sure.

About the 11 things to share about myself ... For the other award that I received, I shared 7 things about myself. You can read them here. So I only have to come up with 4 more. Let's see:

8) Yesterday I started drinking green smoothies. Why? Well, because it's supposed to be healthy. And since I want to lose a few kilo's I thought I might try it. I even had the ambitious idea to eat/drink nothing else during a week. Hmm, turns out I really REALLY dislike them. They make me want to throw up. Now my whole fridge is stocked with green veggies, so I have to force myself to keep it up at least for a few days. Aaargh! Why do I do this to myself!?

9) My absolute favorite authors are Harlan Coben, Mary Higgins Clark, Joy Fielding, Linwood Barclay and Nicci French. Yes, all authors of psychological thrillers. My kids don't understand why I want to read about people being murdered all the time. I can't seem to explain to them that it's not about the murders, but about the whole findingoutwhodidit-thing. And I also enjoy books by Marian Keyes, Jill Mansell, Carole Matthews, and Jennifer Weiner. Laugh out loud funny sometimes. Love it!

10) When I was a kid, I once ran through a glass door. I was playing with another kid who was running after me, and I ran towards a double glass door. I was screaming and laughing and looking behind me and thinking I was heading for the open door. But I ran through the closed door instead. Straight through it! I remember thinking: "uh-oh, I'm in trouble now", but all of a sudden all these women were surrounding me and fussing over me and thinking I was badly wounded. I almost felt guilty for not being hurt...

11) I am crazy about potato-chips. They're my all time favorite snack. I can't have it in the house because I eat it all. No matter how big the bag.

And here are my answers to Natasha's questions:
  1. If you were born the opposite sex, what would your parents name you?
    Bruno! My parents loved that name, but they got 5 girls and no boys. So in the end they called the dog Bruno ;-)
  2. If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
    Being able to fly
  3. If you needed a ride and there were two cars willing to give you a ride. One would be Donald Trump in a Rolls Royce and the other would be your celebrity crush in a beat up Sedan. You'll have to drive by your ex-boyfriend's place who broke your heart a couple of weeks ago and he would be standing outside. Who would you pick?
    Donald Trump!?? Serious? UGH! Not even if he was the very last man on the planet.
  4. Take the color of your socks, your middle name and the last thing you ate. What's your rock star band called? :)
    No Socks Gilberte Maoam. Don't see that band becoming famous ....
  5. Who's your favorite book character?
    Myron Bolitar (Books from Harlan Coben)
  6. Comedy, drama or horror movie? Western, action or sci-fi?
    Comedy and drama. That's it.
  7. How would your best friend describe you in one word?
  8. PC or Mac?
  9. Will you get laid tonight? :)
    haha, you're curious! Since he's already sleeping, it's pretty unlikely ;-)
  10. Choose one or two. Dogs or cats or birds or reptiles or fish or insects?
    cats and dogs
  11. What do you think will happen on Dec. 21, 2012?
    a lot of people will be disappointed ...
And then the difficult part: 11 blogs to nominate .... It's just not enough and I mentioned too many ;-)  I've chosen blogs that don't have 200 followers yet (as far as I could see), and if you don't feel like doing all the work, please don't feel like you have to. I really won't be offended :-). And for the blogs I didn't mention: feel free to grab this award and answer these questions, 'cause I would've liked to nominate you all!

And these are my questions for you:

1) Do you collect things? And if so, what do you collect and why?
2) What is your favorite city and why?
3) What irritates you immensely?
4) What do you love most about yourself?
5) If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
6) What do you really want to do before the end of the year?
7) What is your favorite form of exercise??
8) What do you do when you're stressed?
9) Are you a morning- or a nightperson?
10) What's your favorite program on TV?
11) What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

See you tomorrow with another inspiring artist and my daily face! Thanks for stopping by! ♥

I see now it's already the 26th here! Well, not for me! As long as I don't sleep, it's still the 25th! Off to bed now though ... ☺


  1. BlueAnnCereal... Not a very good rock band either...!

  2. Lol! Love your answers and facts. Try putting a banana in your green smoothies. It makes it taste better. It takes some time to figure out the right amount of everything to put in. :)

  3. A lovely lady you have drawn! :9

    and I've log time decided not to take awards, but this one was fun! haha! =D
    I had to laugh lodly several times =)

    I use to drink a green drink sometimes, but I love it.

    Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. bruno, huh? i would have been jeffrey. not nearly as cool as bruno!!

    loved the Q&A....very interesting :)

  5. My parents were sneaky they gave me the boys name as my second one! Robin fortunate for me it is also a girls name. Love your answers to the questions, and thank you for nominating me it sounds fun. Love your face.

  6. fun to read about you
    and your line drawing is a joy to see ~

  7. Its fun to read all the little facts about you Denthe. Thanks for nominating me, I will post my answers tonight.
    Childrens parties are fun but exausting! I am glad they are only once a year:)
    The green smoothies do sound a bit yucky Its funny how its always the things that are good for you!
    Love the line drawing again, where do you get all your great quotes from?

    1. Thnx Sandra! I have been collecting quotes since forever, most come from the internet. It's usually pure by accident that I find these funny quotes. But if you google it, I'm sure you'll find lots!

  8. Congratulations on the award.You're a worthy winner.
    The words with this lovely face are so true. We have had a months worth of rain in 48 hours, with inevitable flooding. Public transport was off, so I walked the 3 miles home from work. I actually enjoyed it.

  9. Denthe allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd met je award. En natuurlijk een hele eer dat je mij hebt uitgekozen. Ik zal de award in de sidebar zetten, Ik heb er verschillende gekregen en ben gestopt met het verder doorsturen. Maar dat neemt niet weg dat ik zeer vereerd ben met je award. Dank je wel.
    Ook dit portret is weer gaaf. Ik vind het zo knap dat je elke dag zo'n portret maakt maar ook dat je zulke mooie gteksten er bij schrijft. SUPER
    lieve groetjes

  10. Love today's face. I try to walk every day, so I understand completely. I really enjoyed reading the answers to your questions. I am the SAME way with potato chips. I turn into a complete idiot when I'm around them and like you, I'll eat the entire bag!!!

  11. Fabulous read Denthe... so much fun to read a little more about you... and love your latest girl... and the quote... how true...

    Jenny ♥

  12. Loved reading more about you- This month has been really fun - You are in my reader so I'll be keeping a close eye on you as you continue your artsy journey!! Thanks so much for the nomination - means a lot coming from an artist of your caliber!

  13. Thank you for the award! I´ll be getting to answer all your questions this week. {happy hug}

    I would have been Sergio. :D


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