Friday, 10 February 2012

Number 10!

Spent the evening catching up with what the other participants are doing in this challenge. So many nice works, and a lot of people are keeping up with the challenge. Way to go!

I have a question. Since I'm pretty new to blogging, I was wondering what the difference is between following a blog, and subscribing to a feed. Until now I always subscribed to the feed of blogs that I wanted to follow and that works perfectly well for me. They are on my iGoogle-page, so I can immediately see whether there is a new post. Does it work the same way with Followers? Do the people that were so kind to become followers of this blog get a message or something when there is a new post? Or do you still have to check my blog to see whether there is something new?

Just curious. I hope someone can enlighten me ;-)

Today's face is a sketch again. I always like to change mediums every few days. Although I must admit I'm pretty obsessed at the moment with "emerging faces". Working on some backgrounds now, so there should be some new ones coming in the next few days/weeks. Although I also feel like doing some lyrics-girls again. Oh, well, maybe tomorrow. So many ideas, so little time ...

Here she is. Have a great weekend y'all!

graphite pencils


  1. She is beautiful! I agree, so many ideas..and so little time =)
    I follow blogs, and on the Dashboard page (at the bottom) there is a list of the new posts of all I follow (with pics)
    I also have a bloglist on my blog that shows in the order of who has posted most recently. you can't put everyone there, but reserve the bloglist for those you visit most frequesntly ;)

  2. I think she's gorgeous, Denthe! I agree with you - I like using different mediums and styles. You worked wonders with graphite! :o)

  3. Beautiful work! I love the hair and expression!

  4. I'm really loving the way you render hair...I love deserves a blog all it's own.


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