Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Last day: face 29!!

Wow, the end of February is here! And I'm in a rush today! But I managed a sketch, phew. Would be sad if I didn't make the end of the month now!

So here she is: graphite and nothing else. Still have some work on her, but it's all I can do for today. So  it'll have to be enough. Tomorrow I hope I'll have some more time, so I can watch all the new faces from the other participants.

Bye for now! And thanks for taking a look!


  1. Love how her hair flow down her face.
    Thank you for being an inspiring company during this challenge days!! :)

  2. I love her Denthe... and I have loved visiting here over the challenge... your faces are truly beautiful... and I look forward to seeing more... what fun this was...

    Jenny x

  3. Mooi hoor en ik vond het erg leuk je te ontmoeten en ik zal hier zeker terug komen om te zien wat je nog meer met dit gezicht doet!
    Tot gauw

  4. Congratulations you completed the challenge doesn't it feel good!!! Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it! She is beautiful finished or not, great work!!! :)

  5. What a beautiful face. I especially love your website picture to the left--great colorful art! Thanks for visiting and leaving a wonderful comment too!


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