Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Day 28: almost done!

Well, just one more face after this one and the challenge is done! Finitos! Over! I don't know how I feel about it. In one way glad, because it was getting a bit much in the end. On the other hand: it was fun connecting with a group of people who were trying to do the same thing, and to see all the different creations.

But I'm also starting to feel as if I'm doing the same thing over and over again. I want to try some new things, but I don't always have time for it, and in the end I just make something that I've done before and therefore is less time-consuming. So I'm really looking forward to having more time to try other things as well, and not having to post every day.

I will also be sharing some pictures of my progress in Flora Bowley's workshop. Although: progress!? My "paintings" look different every time I do something with them, but I'm not at all sure where it's leading. That's normal, Flora says. I just have to trust in the process ....

Meanwhile, here's my 28th face! It's a drawing in graphite, with some watercolours and markers to finish it off, and as a background I've used a pattern in Photoshop that I've made from one of my paintings. Her shirt is also a self-created pattern.


  1. Beautiful Denthe!!! and I look forward to seeing your pics from Flora's workshop... I have heard she is amazing... and coming out to Australia this year also...

    Jenny x

  2. She is stunning!I know exactly how you feel about the challenge ending. A sigh of relief but I know I'm going to miss it too.

  3. she is gorgeous! I love how you did the hair and her shirt AND her wonderful eyes!


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