Monday, 20 February 2012

Day 19 (well: actually 20 ...)

Okay, so I didn't get to post a face yesterday. We were gone all day and exhausted by the time we came back. But I still started one, I just didn't finish it. So now that it's finished, I'll post it as day 19, and tonight, if I manage to finish another one, I'll post it as day 20. So far so good ;-)

This one is a pencil sketch, finished off with marker and watercolour. I thought the text (lyrics by Adele) fitted well with the expression on her face. Have to go now, see you tonight!


  1. She is absolutely beautiful Denthe... her face is so pretty... and I love the text running around her...

    Jenny x

  2. On-ge-lo-fe-lijk KNAP, ik heb heel veel bewondering voor je kunst... !!

  3. Wow, she is beautiful - gorgeous face!

  4. wow this is my favorite so far... wonderful and the hair cool as always ;-)


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