Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Day 22: redhead

I love long red hair, I think it looks beautiful on a woman. So today would be a redhead.

I tried to let the paint decide which hairdo she would get. It's not completely the way I wanted it, and I had to refrain myself from getting in there with markers. I love playing with watercolours, the results are really unpredictable. And it's often only after it dries that some patterns arise. But I'll have to practice a lot more.

So here she is: lady number 22!

graphite, watercolours, markers for the background

Off to bed now. Late again!


  1. Beautiful!! I love how her hair look like a red space scene.

  2. Beautiful. It looks like the Universe is contained in her hair.

  3. Another gorgeous girl... I love the way her hair turned out... and her pose...

    Jenny x

  4. I love the contrast of the wonderful hair and the stripes in the background

  5. I love red hair too. She is just beautiful:o)


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