Saturday, 4 February 2012

Day 4

Has it really been only four days!? I feel as if I have been spending way longer on this challenge. Not that I didn't have fun, mind you! I just hope I can keep it up. Because you know what? I will be starting my online workshop with Flora Bowley on Monday! Well, for me it will probably be Tuesday, since I'm in Australia and Flora is in the US.

I'm really looking forward to it. Since I got to know her work (sometime last year), I have been looking with great envy at all the pictures of her workshops, wishing I could've been there. So finding out that she now has her first online workshop was great news. Signed up as soon as I read about it and have been looking forward to it ever since. I haven't painted on a canvas since last March, and I miss it so much. But with the move to Australia and trying to get settled here, there just wasn't enough time.

Set up my easel today (it was still in the cupboard!), bought some plastic to put on the floor, because painting the way Flora does can get pretty messy, sorted out my supplies, and now I'm all ready to go.

So I hope I can squeeze in some time to do my daily face as well. This one was kind of an experiment. I wanted to use different colours and not blend so much. But it didn't really turn out as planned. I started out with watercolours, but soon discovered that the journal I was using wasn't reacting too well to all that water. So I had to call in the help of my trusted Inktense pencils and my gesso, almost made a hole in my page, and ended up with more blending that I had planned. The background was fun, I spread the paint with my fingers, decided it was too dark, spread some white gesso on top and then discovered it was real thick and very nice to scribble in with the back of my brush. Don't try to read what's written there though, because I don't even know it myself. I just made marks and sometimes a word came out... Just don't think it makes sense ;-)


  1. I know what you mean about spending time on this challenge! #4 is very pretty! Happy Saturday!

  2. Your lady is very pretty. Yes the time sure does disappear with this challenge but it is a load of fun :o)


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